Blockchain Brawlers: Join the Rowdiest Game in the Metaverse and Earn BRWL

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Introducing Blockchain Brawlers, the first major play-to-earn release from WAX Studios

Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-earn game filled with dozens of athletic BRAWLERS who give players the opportunity to earn BRWL tokens. The much-anticipated pro wrestling-themed game on the WAX blockchain will make its debut on March 30th, 2022. To start the game and earn the official token, you will need to acquire a ring and at least one Brawler.

Developed by WAX Studios, Blockchain Brawlers will make some serious noise when it goes live on Wednesday, March 30. This wrestling-themed game on the WAX blockchain is fun to play and provides earning opportunities. Taking its own action-figure approach to pro wrestling, Blockchain Brawlers aims to be the “rowdiest game in the metaverse”.

After months of hard work by the team, Blockchain Brawlers will officially open its rings for brawling at the end of the month. So today, let’s dive into Blockchain Brawlers’ world, get ready for the gameplay, and reap some BRWL tokens.

Blockchain Brawlers gameplay explained

It is pretty simple to participate in the game. First, a player needs a ring and a Brawler to start brawling. There are various types of rings and Brawler, each with different levels of rarity. It is worth mentioning that both the rings and the Brawlers are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that you can buy, use, craft, and trade with others.

Apart from buying a Brawler on the marketplace, you can craft one with starting items. The picture below shows the interface for Brawler crafting. If you want to craft a strong squad of Brawlers, you will need the in-game token, BRWL, to do so. If you don’t have enough BRWL in your balance, you can go to a DEX such as Alcor to acquire some. If you do not have enough Gold NFTs (the other component required in all crafting recipes) you can go purchase some on any of WAX’s secondary marketplaces like Atomic Hub. 

blockchain brawlers

How to master the in-game economy

Blockchain Brawlers’ in-game economy is straightforward: craft, brawl, earn and repeat!

blockchain brawlers

As mentioned above, BRWL is the in-game currency of Blockchain Brawlers. Apart from getting them from DEXes, players can earn BRWL through gameplay. Brawlers can earn BRWL by fighting in the ring. Higher rarity Brawlers can earn more BRWL tokens. Equipping your Brawler with different levels of gear like brass knuckles, baseball bats, or steel chairs will gain you bigger BRWL token bonuses.

The benefits of BRWL lie in both real-world value and in-game utilities. For example, with BRWL tokens, you can heal your wrestlers after matches and craft better rings, stronger Brawlers, and more outrageous gear.

In addition to earning BRWL tokens, players have a chance to get Gold NFTs as rewards after the match. Gold NFTs are also necessary for brawler crafting, healing, and special upgrades.

Blockchain Brawlers warms up for the game launch

The highly engaged community of Blockchain Brawlers currently has over 29,000 Discord members worldwide. Furthermore, Blockchain Brawler’s gaming ecosystem is ever-expanding. The bridge between WAX and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been forged. Players can move their Blockchain Brawlers freely between Wax and BSC from March 17th, 2022.  

Blockchain Brawlers will make its debut on the WAX blockchain ecosystem on March 30th. So get your rings and brawlers ready, and join the ragtag brigade of high-flying, iconic wrestlers. Joining the community will keep you from missing out on the latest news about the game. 






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