Wax Rises Steadily as Blockchain Brawlers Dashes into 2023 with Multiple Events

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Keep up with Blockchain Brawlers’ The Ten Days of Burning event.

The Wax blockchain has witnessed a steady increase in its on-chain activity over the last 30 days. Adding to this revival is a series of events by Blockchain Brawlers, as the game has held multiple events since December 2022. Among all the campaigns, The PvP competition and the year-end “Inferno Burn Event” were particularly well received. So to continue the momentum, Blockchain Brawlers has already got a few plans in the pipeline.


An update on the Wax ecosystem

Wax is an active builder of blockchain gaming and NFT use cases. The blockchain has created a brand new economy within the gaming industry by allowing players to own and trade unique digital assets. This innovation not only provides a new revenue model for developers, but also creates new experiences and reward mechanics for players.

The boom in blockchain gaming on WAX stands out as the most significant feature of its ecosystem. The leading position in 30-day transactions (chart 1) is largely due to its on-chain gaming activities. In addition, WAX has recently overtaken the BNB Chain in terms of unique active wallets (chart 2).

Chart 1
Chart 2

Blockchain Brawlers new burn event and tournament

WAX offers a wide range of games covering strategy, combat, simulation, and more. But Blockchain Brawlers is a game that gets talked about a lot. With its funky visual style and casual yet exciting gameplay, Blockchain Brawlers is hard to ignore in the play-to-earn landscape.

Last year, Blockchain Brawlers achieved many milestones in refining its artistic style and gameplay. And in 2023, the project looks to focus on sustainability and playability. Users will experience these enhancements through a series of events.

The Ten Days of Burning event

Starting on 2 February 2023, Blockchain Brawlers will kick off their ‘Ten Days of Burning’ event. The event invites players to burn a large number of NFT cards and packs. This practice will aid the game’s long-term sustainability and will have a direct impact on its playability and in-game economy of the game.

Specifically, the event could drive over 70% of some assets to get burned, resulting in a significant reduction in their circulating numbers. This way, the rarity and value of the remaining assets of the same type will go up. In addition, eliminating duplicate items from the market means that users have a chance to receive new items that allow for deeper gameplay.

The project knew that getting players to destroy their assets would be difficult. So in response, the game will have multiple incentives and new assets to make burning profitable. For example, over 400 Mint #1 cards will be up for grabs.

Blockchain Brawlers has put together a series of articles to walk users through the whole burning event. How can one participate? How will new cards fit into the game? Users will get the answers to these questions in the articles. 

The content update schedule is as follows.

  • Day 1 — Jan 24th — The Philosophy and Goals of this Event
  • Day 2 — Jan 25t — Expected Outcomes and How This Shaped Our Thinking
  • Day 3 — Recipe Costs and The Beats of the Event
  • Day 4 — Phase 1 of 4 for Recipes Released
  • Day 5 — BoS Nerfing and Buffing Functionality During the Event’s Duration
  • Day 6 — Phase 2 of 4 Recipes Released
  • Day 7 — Plans Foiled
  • Day 8 — Phase 3 of 3 Recipes Released
  • Day 9 — Phase 4 of 4 Recipes Released
  • Day 10 — Secret Article 1 and Secret Article 2

Buckle up for the B.E.S.T tournament

On 29 January the game will host the Brawlers Esports Series of Tournaments or B.E.S.T. It is the second of its year-long monthly tournaments. Users need to buy a Tourney Pass to enter the game. 

This PvP tournament requires players to send their most battle-hardened brawlers to knock their opponents to the ground to earn points. The top 32 finishers on the leaderboard will split the prize pool.

Blockchain Brawlers is getting rowdier

Blockchain Brawlers’ earlier campaigns have successfully driven user engagement. DappRadar’s tracking also confirms the increased traction that Blockchain Brawlers has seen over the past 30 days.

At the same time, the increase in in-game activities has led to greater demand for the in-game utility token. As a result, BRWL, the native token in Blockchain Brawlers, has also shown a strong upward trend over the past 30 days.

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