WAX game KoloBok users surge 65% in the last 7-days


Collect, trade, and breed Kolobok NFTs

Recently released WAX-based game Kolobok is seeing impressive growth as we enter 2021. In the last 7-days, it has increased its user base by 65% to just under 2,000. The recent surge has positioned Koloboks as the number four WAX game and 7th in the overall games category when ranked by users over the last 24 hrs. Importantly, in the last 24 hrs, Kolobok has marginally overtaken Axie Infinity in terms of active users at the time of writing.

Source: DappRadar

Getting a dapp game into the top 10 games chart is no easy feat. Looking at the dapps neighboring Kolobok Adventures we see that those more established blockchain games have lost out to the newcomer. Games such as Crypto Dynasty and Axie Infinity are losing ground and it will be interesting to see if the surge in user numbers continues for Kolobok Adventures. 

Source: DappRadar

What is Kolobok 

Kolobok started its life as a demo game with the Simple Assets protocol. Simple Assets make both fungible and non-fungible tokens for games, collections, artwork, and more. Furthermore, those assets can then be traded on the Simple Assets marketplace

In the game, players collect, trade, and breed Koloboks to send them on Adventures to win prizes similar to the popular Ethereum dapp game Axie Infinity. Running on the WAX blockchain makes it highly accessible as anyone can easily play by creating a WAX Cloud Wallet using social media logins such as Facebook, Google, or Steam. 

WAX on the rise 

It would make sense to assume that WAX would want more games that incorporate the creation of NFTs and digital items such as newly bred Koloboks as they attempt to stake their claim as the ‘King of NFTs’ and create more fluid bridges to DeFi.  

At the start of 2021 another game that incorporates elements of token mining launched on WAX. Alien Worlds became the most popular blockchain game in terms of daily active unique wallets. Boosted by an initial airdrop to 6,000 wallets that had previously played games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Gods Unchained, attracted over 8,500 wallets a day. 

At the time of writing Alien Worlds is still the number 2 blockchain game surpassed marginally by longstanding leader Upland

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