Wax Blockchain Dominance Expands in Racing, Metaverse, and Strategy Game Genres

Wax Blockchain Dominance Expands in Racing, Metaverse and Strategy Game Genres
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Green Rabbit Game, Immersys, and Realm have seen significant 30-day growth.

The Wax blockchain has grown into a diverse gaming ecosystem. Players of racing, virtual worlds, or strategy games can find dapps that suit their tastes on Wax’s network. Many Wax games have seen significant user growth over the last 30 days, even amid the crypto bear market.


Many developers and gamers nowadays highly favor the concept that no one can block, restrict or remove anyone’s access and in-game assets. Web3 technology providers such as Wax can enable a dynamic, user-driven gaming experience powered by a decentralized model. Furthermore, it shifts the power from tech giants back to the users. 

As a result, an increasing number of games have joined Wax’s versatile blockchain gaming ecosystem and found success. Although these games come from various genres and feature different gameplay and in-game economy, Wax can fulfill the sophisticated needs of developers and players alike. 

If you are looking into diversifying your play-to-earn portfolio, read on to find out which emerging games on Wax have recently led the way in growth.

Get immersed in Green Rabbit Game’s 3D racing

Developed with Unity, Green Rabbit Game is a multi-activity adventure game that lets players blast through immersive 3D visuals. To play, players must collect the official Green Rabbit collection NFTs, which come in packs with different rarities. 

green rabbit game-dapp-games-wax

Green Rabbit NFTs are crucial to players’ success for multiple purposes, such as supporting character crafting and staking for ecosystem tokens called Shell. In April 2022, The Green Rabbit team introduced 3D racing into the game for the first time, taking the game’s playability and depth to a new level. 

Notably, the popularity of Green Rabbit has been on the rise over the last 30 days, with a 14% increase in users, generating over 300,000 transactions.

An incentivized metaverse experience with Immersys 

Immersys is one of the fastest-growing games on Wax, with a 180% increase in active wallets in 30 days. This 3D virtual world allows players to spawn NFTs, wear NFTs, and stake them to earn FATAE tokens as rewards.


In Immersys’ latest release, the game launched the Combat mode. Players can experience the new combat with a full-body avatar, and it supports both PVE and PVP. If that’s not good enough, Combat enables a third-person view to bringing a more exciting player experience while users battle it out. 

Let’s not forget that users earn NFT loot upon their victories in Combat and the ability to find new blueprints. Blueprint is a non-transferrable NFT locked in users’ crypto wallets. It functions as a “proof of ownership” validator for the user’s unique character or identity. 

To trade these NFT assets, users can go to marketplaces such as Atomic Hub and NeftyBlocks

Another key feature of Immersys’ existing gameplay is NFT Staking, a primary way to gain FATE tokens. A different way to obtain FATE is by purchasing with WAX on Alcor Exchange. As for utilities, users can spend FATE on NFT and blueprint crafting, purchasing NFT tools and other crucial equipment to ace the game. 

Test your decision-making skills with Realm

Realm is another game on Wax that has seen traction recently. It is a resource management game where players strategically utilize their NFT. The game lets players establish their realms by excavating resources, unlocking regions, earning RLM Tokens, and much more. 

Three types of NFTs facilitate the gameplay of Realm. They are Leaders, Helpers, and Boosts and serve different purposes. The game requires players to construct buildings, train helpers, and perform upgrades/expansions to build their realms.

Making the right decisions will impact how quickly players progress and how successful they are. For example, how to use Leader NFTs? How to better train Helpers to complete missions? How to increase their resources and expand the Realm? These are just a few critical questions players need to ponder.

With such meticulously-designed, skill-based gameplay, tactics fans will definitely be drawn into this game. Indeed, Realm has attractive over 3,250 users over the last 30 days, increasing by 17%. 

On the sustainability of Wax gaming ecosystem

Today, online gaming is still characterized by a corporate and highly centralized nature. This model deprives users of ownership over their in-game assets and data. Fortunately, with the development of Web3 technology, this situation will usher in improvement.

The Wax gaming ecosystem has seen healthy growth over the past month, which reassures us that Web3 will revolutionize the gaming industry. In addition to the continued rise of new games, Wax’s top titles remained attractive, with Alien Worlds up 13% and Mining Network up 80%.

For an in-depth look at how Wax is reinventing how users interact with Web3 games, read DappRadar’s Ultimate Wax Guide.

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