Waves Ducks Volume Jumps 276% in 30 Days

The first and top play-to-earn opportunity on Waves

Waves Ducks, the first play-to-earn and NFT collectibles game on the Waves blockchain has shown an impressive performance in the past 30 days. Volume going through the platform rose by 276%, reaching over $10 million. The number of unique active wallets also increased by more than 60%, which in turn pushed transactions to more than 67,000.

Currently, Waves Ducks is also the top game dapp on the Waves blockchain, according to DappRadar data. Additionally, the play-to-earn platform ranks second in the overall Waves dapp rankings. 

Waves Ducks launched in May, and since then, the platform has been steadily attracting more users. The past thirty days were significant in a sense, as the Ducks passed the 1,000 mark for unique active wallets. 

What is Waves Ducks?

Waves Ducks is an NFT collectible game that allows players to collect Duck NFTs, and breed them to get more valuable ones in return. Additionally, the game enables players to participate in play-to-earn mechanics, which reward winners in EGG tokens. 

In order to start playing, you need to start off by purchasing some EGG tokens. Once you have enough EGG tokens, you can purchase a genesis egg NFT. With your genesis duck, you can start breeding in order to create even rarer ducks. Additionally, the platform offers the Duck Farms capability, allowing you to “perch”, or in other words stake, some of your Duck NFTs in order to earn passive rewards in EGGs. 

One of the greatest features of the Ducks NFTs is that they have recognizable faces. For example, there’s a duck very similar to Donald Trump, and there’s one designed after Super Mario. 

Waves Ducks is a fun way to get introduced to both play-to-earn and NFTs. It’s also a great way to explore interacting with the Waves blockchain. The platform is definitely going somewhere, with a steady positive trend over the past month. DappRadar will continue monitoring Waves Ducks, and if you’re curious to try it out, you can do so here

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