Wanaka Farm and their WANA Token Explained

wanaka farm wana token

Gaming and decentralized finance combined into one entertaining package

Wanaka Farm is a multichain GameFi solution that uses its WANA token across its wider ecosystem. The platform makes yield farming fun by adding gaming elements to it. The wider Wanaka Farm ecosystem exists on Binance Smart Chain, with multichain support in the roadmap. 

Just a quick glance at Wanaka Farm and you know what’s up. This game is all about farming, growing crops and taking care of farm animals. You, as the farmer, walk around, working on your land. The game is currently in its testing phase, but will open up to the wider community soon. 

In Wanaka Farm, each NFT game character has its own uniqueness and advantages, and therefore these assets can become valuable. Using their characters players can navigate the game world. They can also buy land, use that to farm, or rent it out to other players. They can then buy seeds, grow crops, harvest, and create products from that harvest. Each item can also be sold on the open market.

Using WANA in Wanaka Farm

Where does the WANA token come into play? At every step in this entire game economy! Buying land? You need WANA. Need some seeds? You need WANA. Want to buy flour to make bread? You need WANA. 

WANA is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain which has a maximum total supply of 500 million tokens. Because Wanaka Farm is a play-to-earn game on BSC, players can earn WANA through gameplay. They can also sell their items on the Wanatrade marketplace, participate in competitions, or simply stake their WANA for passive income. 

The WANA token is the utility, staking and governance token of Wanaka Farm. In addition, the game uses the WAI token, which players can earn in the ecosystem. WAI is the reward for staking, and for completing in-game quests. Players can use WAI to upgrade their lands. 

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