Wallet Interaction Labels on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB & Tron

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Understand the audience that connects to a blockchain application

DappRadar is excited to unveil the next iteration of its Wallet Interaction Labels, expanding the feature from Ethereum to Polygon, BNB Chain and Tron. An artificial intelligence categorizes the different wallets interacting with a dapp, allowing DappRadar PRO members to gain valuable insights into a project’s community. 

The Wallet Interaction Labels allow developers, investors and analysts to gain insight into the audience of a particular dapp. After the initial beta phase and feedback from the community, the wallet labels are now available for all dapps across four different blockchain ecosystems:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Polygon
  3. BNB Chain
  4. Tron

When a dapp uses various chains, it will only show Wallet Interaction Labels for the supported blockchains. The product is catered towards Web3 professionals, therefore the labels are only visible to DappRadar PRO members. 

How does it work?

Wallet Interaction Labels allow users to see the types of wallets that interact with a dapp. Powered by machine-learning, our system places each wallet into a category. Then the system uses a model to define which wallet is likely to be human, a bot or a mix of both. It also labels to categorize the wallet into buckets, such as ‘Power user’ or ‘Low value regular’. Want to know more, read our documentation.

What are the benefits of Wallet Interaction Labels? 

These labels allow users to see what types of wallets regularly interact with a dapp. This means that not only does a dapp product page on DappRadar provide valuable blockchain metrics, it now also provides a context. 

Users can see what types of wallets interact with a dapp, which would in turn give them a reason to engage or interact with a dapp and its community. For example, do bots interact with the dapp, or very active users?

Examples of the wallet labels

What the wallet labels mean, could potentially be different for every dapp. Take a look at some of the dapp pages listed below, and then see how different these labels are.

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