VulcanVerse Completely Gamified NFT Farming

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Create game enhancing NFTs by staking PYR tokens

The virtual game world of VulcanVerse allows users to stake an NFT and some tokens, and then have that NFT evolve into its final in-game form. This is gamification of NFT farming at its finest. 

Within VulcanVerse there’s a place called Vulcan’s Vineyard, located in the Olympian heavens. Here anyone can farm NFTs as long as they have a seed and the necessary PYR tokens. These seeds need to be planted for a certain amount of time with a certain amount of PYR tokens attached to it.

A seed is an NFT that still needs to grow before it gains its full potential in the game world. Such a seed can for example grow into the Shield of Achilles, giving Vulcanite characters 25% extra defense, or the Winged Boots of Hermes, adding speed to the player’s avatar. Where can those seeds be found? Technically anywhere in the game world, so you need to be a bit lucky.

On a technical level this means that the seed NFT gets sent to a smart contract together with an amount of PYR. After a certain amount of time players can claim their reward and they will get their PYR back. 

VulcanVerse offers more DeFi

When games incorporate blockchain technology and their own token economy, it’s almost impossible not to add DeFi elements. VulcanVerse offers a variety of mechanics that sometimes appear in the game itself, while others only work in the background.

Currently users who have enough PYR tokens in their VulcanForged wallet, will automatically receive LAVA. It’s a simple staking mechanic that entices users to hold their PYR or acquire even more. They can use the LAVA rewards for all kinds of item upgrades, ranging from Vulcanite characters to land parcels. Furthermore gamers sometimes need the LAVA token to enter a tournament and join other types of activities. 

Players who want to be active in VulcanVerse, will need to learn about staking. Those who purchase a land NFT, will need to pay PYR to sow the land, wait 20 days, and then pay 50 LAVA for the upgrade and stake PYR to maintain the upgrade level. 

Game economies on the rise

While playing VulcanVerse gamers will also have a variety of ways to earn PYR or LAVA. Sometimes through actual gameplay, and in other instances through passive staking. What’s interesting is that VulcanVerse is not alone. There’s an entire ecosystem of blockchain-powered games out there that’s making noise across the gaming industry. 

For example, Alien Worlds is quite a passive game that combines NFTs with DeFi elements. They already attracted more than 2 million unique active wallets. At the same time the tactical battle game Axie Infinity recently moved to their own Ronin sidechain, and is now the number 1 NFT collection with more than $1,28 million in trading volume in the past 24 hours. These numbers show the potential of play-to-earn gaming projects like VulcanVerse.

VulcanVerse is just getting started. Their PYR token launched on the crypto exchange Kucoin earlier this week, giving a wider audience access to the token. In addition their development is progressing, as the game moves into beta next week.

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