VulcanVerse Boosts User Base 20% in February

VulcanVerse Boosts User Base 20% in February

Players now have access to level 2 land and better items

VulcanVerse has attracted more than 2,800 unique active wallets in the past thirty days, boosting its user base by close to 20%. This spike in activity on the platform is mostly due to the recent launch of level 2 land NFTs. 

The increase in active wallets interacting with the game also resulted in a boost in the number of processed transactions. In February, VulcanVerse smart contracts processed close to 40,000 transactions. This is expected, as many of the actions in the game are recorded on-chain as transactions. Whether you purchase new land, new items or characters, or you build your in-game world, each of these actions become a blockchain transaction.

VulcanVerse is the third most visited dapp in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem for the past thirty days. The spike in activity comes as the result of several important updates introduced by the developers behind the game. 

The most important of these updates was the launch of level 2 land plots. These plots give creators and players even more opportunities and flexibility to create new areas and customized experiences in VulcanVerse. For example, one player created an octagon battle arena, which in turn rewarded him with LAVA tokens. 

Aside from level 2 land, the VulcanVerse team released a list of updates and new features throughout February that also had a positive effect on activity. These include the launch of Vulcanite rentals and the introduction of Vulcanite defense skills. Importantly, defense skills allow players to protect their land, and stop other Vulcanites from foraging there. 

Play-to-earn on VulcanVerse

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem offers an exciting array of play-to-earn opportunities, and VulcanVerse is one of them. Landowners get to earn LAVA rewards for their activity in the game. Importantly, in order to level up your land plot and start earning more LAVA, you need to sow it first. This requires a one-time investment in PYR tokens, the native currency of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. 

Once the land is sown, and the 20-day cooldown period is over, players have the opportunity to upgrade and level up their plots. This, in turn, brings more LAVA staking rewards. Check out the table below to see how much the rewards pool increases with each level up.

It is important to note that VulcanVerse is still in beta mode. This means that there are many more exciting features and updates players have to look out for, especially once the full game officially launches.

If you are curious to learn more about VulcanVerse and the whole Vulcan Forged ecosystem of dapps, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community to learn the latest play-to-earn news first. 

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