Vulcan’s Phalanx NFT Avatars Give Earnings a Boost

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These unique NFT game avatars can increase your LAVA earnings and boost the in-game skills

Vulcan Forged announced the first wave of Phalanx NFT avatars on April 26, releasing the first 500 unique Centaurs. These NFTs allow players to boost their earnings, while also providing them with enhanced gameplay options. To acquire one, players need to pay 25 PYR Tokens.


  • Vulcan Forged introduced a five-wave minting process for its one and only avatar collection, the Phalanx NFTs.
  • This collection of NFT avatars can benefit their holders in various ways, including staking multiplier, in-game stats increase, and more chances for NFT drops. 
  • The first wave of minting started in April and ends in August. 

NFT avatars have ignited a craze since the end of 2020. Various NFT avatar collections have seen millions of dollars in trading volume. Crypto advocates believe that NFT avatars will disrupt the current way of running businesses in many aspects. However, with tremendous wealth pouring into this nascent industry, most of those NFT avatars are nothing but overpriced jpegs.
Fortunately, changes are happening. Vulcan Forged, the gaming-focused blockchain and ecosystem, will breathe life into NFT avatars by launching the Vulcan Forged Phalanx collection. 

What is Vulcan Forged Phalanx?

Vulcan Forged Phalanx is an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 unique collectible avatars. They come from different clans, with each of them featuring various skills and powers, ranging from common up to legendary. It is worth mentioning that every Centaur is unique, but some will come with rarer items, and rarer items may bring better perks.

Vulcan Forged endeavors to provide NFT and gaming enthusiasts with the most innovative dapps featuring the ultimate user experience. The Phalanx collection is another excellent example of the Vulcan Forged team putting their ideas into action. As a result, Phalanx NFTs can add vitality to the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

  • Phalanx NFTs are the only avatars for your My Forge profile in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.
  • They provide players with a slightly better chance for NFT drops.
  • These NFTs can boost players’ in-game stats.
  • They provide a multiplier for LAVA staking. 
  • An avatar with rare items can increase players’ in-game stats furthermore.

How to mint Phalanx Wave One

The first wave of Phalanx NFT avatars consists of 2000 tokens, with a minting period from April to August, and the NFT character in April is Centaur. To acquire these mythic warriors, users first need to go to the official website and pay 25 PYR. This will then allow them to mint a Centaur. After that, the system will generate a character randomly. At this moment, users can choose to accept this Centaur or pay another 5 PYR for one more roll of the dice — but they can do this reroll only once. Minting of the NFTs happens on a first come first serve basis and has already started on April 26. 

Vulcan Forged Phalanx NFT

The Vulcan Forged team is ramping up their effort to bring more perks and use cases for Phalanx NFTs. Follow Vulcan Forged on the following channels if you want to know more about the minting schedule, details about the perks, and the evolving character attributes. 



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