Vulcan Forged Launches PYR on Binance Smart Chain

Vulcan Forged Launches PYR on Binance Smart Chain

The game will utilize a bridge to offer lower gas fees for players

Vulcan Forged is an ecosystem of dapps centered around its native ERC-20 token PYR. For the moment, the token exists on the Ethereum blockchain and on Polygon. However, the protocol will now create a bridge with Binance Smart Chain. They consider this an essential step towards making the ecosystem more accessible.

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem uses PYR on the Polygon blockchain for the transactions on their marketplace. However, they use VeChain for storing their NFTs. Because the PYR token is an ERC-20, it exists on both Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to swap, trade and invest.

Expanding to Binance Smart Chain will introduce a new audience to the PYR ecosystem. Thanks to a Venly whitelist, all players who already have wallets with the platform will be able to benefit from the Binance Smart Chain integration automatically. As Venly supports BSC wallets, all existing accounts are already active on BSC as well. 

Vulcan Forged turns to bridge technology

Vulcan Forged has created an Ethereum – BSC bridge for the whole ecosytem of dapps. This development aims to allow players and traders to benefit from the BEP-20 version of PYR across all dapps. Bridging technology essentially allows users to convert ERC-20 tokens into BEP-20 tokens. 

This means that all assets currently in users’ Ethereum wallets can be moved to Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, Vulcan Forged has integrated the bridge to both My Forge and VulcanDex to help streamline compatibility with marketplace and game operations. VulcanDex is an especially interesting product because the decentralized exchange only offers swaps for tokens from a gaming ecosystem, including PYR and SAND.

Why BSC?

Vulcan Forged turned to Binance Smart Chain as the blockchain is becoming a hub for both play-to-earn dapps and NFT enthusiasts. The ecosystem incorporates both of these elements in games like Berserk and Forge Arena. 

Unlike Ethereum, BSC offers relatively cheap and fast transaction processing speeds. This is important in terms of in-game transactions like purchasing items and leveling up characters. Faster transactions also boost NFT purchases.

Additionally, the BSC protocol is gaining a significant following from gaming enthusiasts. According to the latest DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance report, the number of transactions related to BSC-based games doubled in October when compared to the month before.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and BSC as the protocols continue to evolve and attract more users. To view the full array of Vulcan Forged dapps that will benefit from PYR’s BSC integration, check out DappRadar Rankings

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