Vulcan Forged Frenzy Pass Brings LAVA to More Players

Vulcan Forged Frenzy Pass Brings LAVA to More Players

Three more Vulcan Forged games will bring LAVA rewards

Vulcan Forged is one of the biggest gaming ecosystems on the blockchain, and its native LAVA token is an important element of the play-to-earn functionality. In order to bring play-to-earn to even more gamers, Vulcan Forged recently announced the Frenzy Pass. 

Before the Frenzy Pass mechanic, fans had the opportunity to earn LAVA tokens through battle-based games like Berserk. However, in the true spirit of play-to-earn, the developer team worked out a way to bring LAVA rewards to other games like Vulcan’s Tower Defense, Temple Run, and Tartarus.

What the Frenzy Pass brings to the table is an earning mechanism that calculates players’ performance on each ‘run’ within the game, and rewards them with LAVA based on that. Battle games like Berserk allow for an easier earning mechanism based on the win rate in battles. However, with the new Frenzy Pass, players will get to benefit from all their activity within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged boosts PYR utility 

While LAVA is the primary rewards token for the Vulcan Forged ecosystem of dapps, PYR also plays an important role in economy and governance. To bring additional utility to PYR holders as well, the Frenzy Pass will be purchased with PYR tokens.

Importantly, there are two different tiers of Frenzy Passes available. The monthly Frenzy Pass will cost 1 PYR and grant players earning rights for a limited time of thirty days. On the other hand, players who want to benefit from the earning frenzy forever can purchase a Frenzy Infinite Pass. It does not have an expiration date. However, the Infinite Pass costs 10 PYR. 

Additionally, the Frenzy Pass scheme will also benefit the battle-style games in the ecosystem. For example, Berserk players who own a Frenzy Pass will get access to ‘rent’ higher level Berserk cards to harvest LAVA in higher leagues.

The Frenzy Pass is an innovative mechanism that will boost play-to-earn mechanics across the whole ecosystem. Additionally, it will boost utility for both LAVA and PYR. Vulcan Forged is among the most popular blockchain gaming studios, and their games attract hundreds of players every month. With the Frenzy Pass, all of these players are now one step closer to earning real-value rewards for their gaming. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Vulcan Forged ecosystem as more details about the Frenzy Pass come to light. To learn more about Vulcan Forged and its games, check out their official DappRadar rankings page. Additionally, you can read more about the Frenzy Pass and play-to-earn on Vulcan Forged on their official Twitter account

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