Voxies NFT Trading Amplified as Project Sold Out

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Collectible NFTs soon becoming game characters in tactical role-playing game

The Voxies NFT collection completely sold out its 10,000 characters, and now trading on the secondary market is increasing. In the past 7 days trading volume increased to $2,14 million. 

Voxies announced that their collection completely sold out on August 6th. On the 15th spot in the DappRadar NFT Collections rankings, Voxies has seen its trading volume increase 211% to $2,14 million. This volume came from 1,288 sold NFTs, meaning an average price of $1,659 per Voxies NFT. That’s 0,53 ETH. 

In the past 24 hours, top purchases have been around 5 ETH for a legendary Voxie. Those sales are among the biggest in the NFT collection. Most of the sold NFT characters still sell for less than 1 ETH. At the moment the floor prize for Voxies is at 0.27 ETH, while one week ago you could buy a Voxie for 0.15 ETH. 

Voxies gained a bit of fame in April, when they started selling their NFT characters. This happened right in the middle of the beginning of the NFT avatar hype, but the developers were quick to point out that they have bigger plans. Voxies will become a turn-based tactical role-playing game, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars. 

What else is coming to Voxies

Soon every Voxie with an ID between 9500 and 9999 will receive a special pet. In addition all Voxies with an egg, will receive a pet. In addition pets can be earned in the upcoming game. Pets are collectibles, and players who collect them all will receive a golden pet. The tactical game will offer an interface where users can see all pets, and discover which ones they still need to obtain. Yes, gamers can use their pets in battles. Because pets will provide extra abilities to Voxies, for example a knight gains ranged attack when they own a flying pet. In addition pets can help during adventures in exploration mode, as pets can perform tasks regular Voxies can’t. 

In addition, to tap into the avatar profile picture hype, the developers have created profile picture avatars to accompany the 3D Voxies. This way gamers can showcase their NFT character as their social media avatar. 

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