VOXEL Token Launch Boosts Voxies Performance 161%

VOXEL Token Launch Boosts Voxies Performance 161%

VOXEL token launching on Binance Launchpad

Ethereum-based tactical RPG Voxies saw its user base grow 161% in the past seven days. Activity on the platform was boosted by a recent announcement that the game’s native token VOXEL will launch on Binance Launchpad.

Voxies can currently be played as part of their testing period. The increased activity surrounding the Voxies platform is also reflected in the number of NFT sales. The Voxies collection generated upwards of $1.6 million in trading volume in the past week. Recording 200% more sales in this time, the floor price for a Voxies NFT rose 88% to more than $3800. 

Voxies NFTs are essential to the gameplay on Voxies Tactics, as they represent playable 3D characters. Each NFT character comes with a unique set of abilities, and all 10.000 Voxies are unique. Considering their importance for the gameplay, it is no surprise that the rise in NFT sales goes hand in hand with increased numbers of unique active wallets interacting with the game. 

VOXEL token on Binance Launchpad

An important factor for the recent uptick in activity on the Voxies platform is the teams’ announcement that the native utility token VOXEL will launch on Binance Launchpad. This is important news for players and collectors, as it will allow them to skip the expensive gas fees on Ethereum.

VOXEL initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain in August this year. However, as the game continues to develop, AlwaysGeeky Games decided to expand its reach to other protocols as well. Binance Smart Chain already has a strong gaming community It was only natural to launch a VOXEL-BNB pool on Binance. 

Additionally, introducing VOXEL to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem opens up the game and its NFTs to a whole new audience. BSC is one of the largest protocols out there, with an ever-growing number of followers and users. Once VOXEL becomes available on BSC Launchpad, players will be able to stake it and earn rewards. The official token distribution through Binance Launchpad will take place on December 14th. In order to participate in the initial token drop, users will need to subscribe to the launchpad program here

DappRadar will continue monitoring Voxies, as the official BSC token drop approaches. If you want to learn more about Voxies, check out the links below. To find out the latest NFT and blockchain gaming news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community. 

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