Virtual Estate in Somnium Space Sells for $444.470

somnium space estate sale
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The biggest estate in the virtual world!

A virtual estate consisting of 28 XL land parcels in Somnium Space sold for 250 ETH or $444.470. This has been one of the biggest trades in this particular virtual world so far.

The purchase has pushed Somnium Space up the charts. According to the NFTs Overview page on DappRadar, the virtual world has had $578.000 in sales in the past 24 hours, which is an increase of 879% day over day. In the past 7 days there has been almost $1.2 million in trading volume. 

Somnium Space is a 3D virtual world in which users own land. Each land parcel is an NFT and these come in different sizes. This $444 thousand estate consists of 28 XL land parcels, making it one of the biggest locations in the virtual world.  

Big wallets

To seller of this gigantic estate in Somnium Space is known as ChrisBell. He’s one of the most biggest traders in the Somnium Space community. He still holds two dozen of Somnium Space NFTs, including land parcels and World servers. You can check out his wallet through the DappRadar Portfolio tracker.

This some service from DappRadar also allows us to see the buyer, who goes by the nickname WCB2. They now own 52 NFTs from Somnium Space, including the 28 they just acquired. They also own a Somnium Space Teleporter, which has an estimated value of more than $40.000.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a virtual world that people can visit from their desktop computers, mobile phones and through VR headsets. The mobile phone version is toned down, as it allows users to travel to one parcel at the time by following a direct link. 

The virtual world uses CUBE as its native currency. Players can purchase virtual land to build a home, office or museum. At the same time the developers have introduced Somnium Space Worlds, which are instanced servers that allow more gamified experiences. Only landowners can place a portal to a World. 

Somnium Space taps into many open source systems. For example, they allow users to mint their own avatars. Projects like Crypto Avatars allow users to buy an avatar that’s unique and usable in Somnium Space, but also in other virtual worlds like VR Chat and Webaverse.

Other projects that are comparable with Somnium Space are Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels. Each of these projects allows users to buy a part of their world and build something on it.

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