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Vechain dappradar integration

Discover NFTs, DeFi, social and gaming applications on the vechain blockchain

DappRadar is excited to announce the integration of vechain and its ecosystem of dapps into DappRadar. This lets users across the globe discover and analyze a wide range of dapps through vechain Rankings. Additionally, users can easily view the metrics of each vechain dapp, such as trading volume, transaction number, and historical performance, through our user-friendly interface.

What is vechain

Vechain is an ecosystem powered by VechainThor, a Layer-1 blockchain with powerful features designed to enable mass adoption of blockchain technology. It has a low cost and highly scalable architecture with a fast-growing team and community of developers based. Attractive features such as fee delegation mean users never have to pay gas fees, making the platform desirable for builders looking to launch decentralized applications.

Vechain and its partners are committed to promoting the adoption of Web3 and sustainability ecosystems, recently unveiling a new whitepaper and major global partner creating an equitable world with transparency and trust at its core. 

Web3 enables everyone to become an owner and co-creator of their efforts, benefiting from secure, trustworthy, and transparent transfers of information and value. Vechain is dedicated to fostering growth among its community of developers and users, helping them thrive and leverage the power of Web3 & VechainThor, whatever their needs.

Meet VeWorld – the gateway to vechain

VeWorld is vechain’s new official fully-decentralized web wallet. Users can securely manage and own their digital assets and create/import new or existing wallets. Furthermore, the wallet even allows users to connect their hardware wallet for added protection.

In addition to signing transactions and digital certificates freely, VeWorld lets users browse dapps built on vechain while enjoying the power of self-custody. Thanks to its simple interface, managing and transferring crypto assets on the VechainThor network has never been easier.

There are many features in the pipeline for VeWorld, including a fiat on/off ramp, NFT viewer, native DEX, cross-chain bridges, desktop/wallet versions and more.

Vechain dapps coming to DappRadar

Vechain’s community have built a diverse ecosystem of dapps. From NFT marketplaces to DeFi, NFT collections to gaming, vechain’s versatile platform offers a powerful foundation for builders of all shapes and sizes.



VeSea is a large NFT marketplace on the vechainThor blockchain, built by NFT enthusiasts for NFT enthusiasts. The marketplace makes buying and selling NFTs quick and easy. Most importantly, users won’t have to worry about gas fees while using VeSea.

Regardless of one’s experience level with NFTs, VeSea provides something for everyone. It offers a platform for individuals to discover unique and rare NFTs, showcase their creations, and connect with other NFT collectors. 

World of V

World of V is another large NFT Marketplace on vechain. It has unique functionalities including the ability for artists to create ‘phygital’ collections (physical products with digital NFT counterparts), while doing away with gas fees for users. 

Other novel functions include social logins, loyalty schemes and services helping to bridge the Web2 and Web3 environments.



Vexchange is the first decentralized exchange for the vechainThor blockchain. It offers a fast and secure way for users to trade VIP-180 tokens, the native token on the vechainThor network. Apart from exchanging digital assets seamlessly, users can earn rewards by staking tokens within the platform.

SafeSwap Atomic Swaps

SafeSwap is vechain’s first atomic swap platform allowing for a secure path to switch assets between popular blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain.

The dapp is built by SafeHaven, a decentralized inheritance platform offering many other unique blockchain services.

Utility/Developer is a native tool suite that helps developers and builders get off the ground on vechain in an easy and intuitive way. The platform comes with many features designed to make building on VechainThor as simple and seamless as possible. Also, it offers additional services such as the sandbox that allows users to deploy pre-fabricated contracts, NFTs and tokens. 

Building on blockchain has never been so easy.

Submit your vechain dapps to DappRadar

DappRadar invites vechain’s dapp developers to submit their applications to DappRadar and create more visibility on the World’s Dapp Store for the ever-expanding vechain ecosystem. 

Those interested in learning more about vechain and the possibilities available can start on the vechain website and developer docs.

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