Upland Gets Major Update Following User Growth

upland spark token property development

User base up 23% in past 30 days

Virtual property game Upland has seen its user base grow 23% in the past 30 days to more than 90,260 active user wallets, while now expecting a major update. Starting from this Thursday these gamers will get to experience the first phase of a new major gameplay mechanic called Property Development. 

On a daily basis, Upland attracts approximately 27 thousand players. That’s almost five times as much compared with the beginning of this year. Without a doubt, Upland is the most used dapp on the EOS blockchain. 

On Thursday Upland is planning to launch the Property Development update, a new gameplay mechanic that also introduces a new token. Ultimately this will allow users to improve their property and increase the value of their virtual land. 

Upland can be best seen as a virtual version of Monopoly combined with additional gameplay features, including competitive strategy gameplay. Players can use UPX tokens to acquire virtual real estate, and then use that real estate to earn passive income.

Spark token & property development

Starting from this Thursday, Upland will introduce Property Development in a major update. Players will need to use a new crypto token called Spark, to upgrade their buildings, status, and vehicles. 

However, players don’t spend their Spark, they stake it. While staking, construction will happen, and the more you stake the faster progress will be. In addition, players can lease their Spark to others using a special exchange. Users will use the UPX currency to acquire the extra Spark energy to boost their building speed.  

All these features will first be available to Upland veterans only. Once the developers are satisfied with the way Property Development functions, it will be rolled out to the wider community. Spark will be airdrop to active players and community members, while the amount of Spark will differ per person based on their activity and ownership.

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