Upland Christmas Giveaway

6,000 UPX new player bonus and more!

EOS mobile Monopoly-style game Upland has experienced steady month-on-month growth in recent months, but this accelerated in November, breaking the 4,000 daily active unique wallet total for the first time. This makes Upland the second most popular blockchain game in November and a regular in the DappRadar top 5 games chart in 2020.

To celebrate an incredible 2020 Upland in conjunction with DappRadar has an exclusive offer for new users who want to get involved with Upland! 

Please follow the instructions carefully and make sure to use the link to create your new account to receive your 6,000UPX bonus ($6 value). Once done, come back here and enter below. Please note that participants must follow @uplandme on Twitter to remain eligible.

The rewards! 

Here is a very special promotion: 

  1. Pick one unminted property (property not owned by a player yet) in San Francisco for up to 300,000 UPX 
  2. Pick one unminted property in NYC for up to 150,000 UPX
  3. Pick up to 3 unminted properties in Fresno for a total of up to 100,000 UPX
  4. 75,000 UPX
  5. 50,000 UPX
  6. 25,000 UPX

NB: $1 = 1,000 UPX

How to enter

Simply fill in the form below for your chance to participate and win! 

  • Must have an Uplander account created after December 14th, 2020, in order to receive a prize
  • Winners will be informed within 2 weeks via email 
  • Participants must follow @uplandme on Twitter


  • Winners will be drawn
  • This promo is only for new players who created their Upland account after December 14th, 2020, the start of the promo 
  • It is against Upland’s Terms of Service to have more than one account per player. Violators will be sanctioned and sent to Alcatraz jail in Upland and are not eligible for a prize
  • Must have an Upland account in order to receive a prize, no purchase necessary
  • Landmarks are excluded from this promo
  • The event runs from 14-28 Dec for two weeks
  • Winners will be notified within 2 weeks after the promo has ended

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