Upcoming NFT Game Sipher Reveals Spaceship Designs

Upcoming NFT Game Sipher Reveals Spaceship Designs
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Loot Box NFTs will become available in several weeks

Sipher, one of the most hyped upcoming games on Ethereum, has revealed designs for the spaceships that players can use in the game. While there is no launch date for the Spaceship Loot Boxes yet, the Sipher team has started revealing WIPs for the designs, and some of the technical details behind spaceship mechanics. 

According to the first release of the Spaceships Article Series, Loot Boxes will be NFT chests containing parts that will allow players to build their own Sipher spaceship. Importantly, Loot Boxes will be tradable NFTs, allowing players to either sell the boxes they don’t need, or purchase more boxes on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Each Loot Box will contain one of the following building parts:

  1. A right wing 
  2. A left wing
  3. A main carrier 
  4. A set of weapons system 
  5. A set of thrusters 

Importantly, each of the five parts might come in a different rarity level, with Legendary being the rarest possible. The rarer the part the better stats it will bring to your ship when the build is complete. 

Once a player opens their Loot Box and they have all five parts needed to build a spaceship, they have to go to the Spaceship Yard. There they’ll be able to combine all the parts and have their spaceship ready to explore the Sipher world. 

Sipher sidesteps gas fees with off-chain processes

As Sipher is an Ethereum-based platform, gas fees remain one of the biggest concerns both for the Sipher team, and for the community of gamers interested in playing. In order to bring ease of use to players, and to limit the amount of funds players will have to spend to perform actions on the platform, Sipher has decided to move the shipbuilding process off-chain. 

Had the team decided to launch on-chain shipbuilding this would have racked up numerous transaction fees for players. Actions like claiming a loot Box, opening it, fusing all the parts together, and building the spaceship would have all incurred individual on-chain transaction fees. In order to sidestep this costly side of the Ethereum blockchain, the Sipher team has decided to keep the shipbuilding process off-chain on its internal servers. 

However, if players wish to trade their Loot Boxes, they can easily turn them into tradable NFTs by minting them through the Sipher platform. This process will turn the Loot Boxes into on-chain assets, which will incur transaction fees. However, having the option to keep the assets off-chain gives players a choice. Arguably this choice and freedom is important for the community.

Importantly, in order to make minting and trading Loot Box NFTs cheaper, Sipher has introduced support for the Layer-2 solution Polygon. This means that all Loot Boxes NFTs that are minted will exist on the Polygon blockchain. This has become a common practice for Ethereum-based projects, as gas fees on the Polygon blockchain are much lower.

What is Sipher? 

At the moment the Sipher team has two NFT collections on the market, each of them serving as unique in-game characters: Sipherian Surge and Sipherian Flash. The team will sell more NFT collections that will serve as in-game characters. When Sipher launches their first game, it will be a top-down action game. However, they want to grow the platform into a full-fledged online role-playing game.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Sipher platform, as more information about the shipbuilding process comes to light. If you want to learn more about Sipher, check out their official dapp page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, to learn the latest blockchain gaming news first. 

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