Unlocking Vested RADAR Tokens: What Does it Mean?

unlock radar vested tokens

Team and shareholders can claim their vested tokens bit by bit

Unlocking vested tokens comes with many questions, and we will try to answer them all in regards to DappRadar’s RADAR token. The DappRadar team and shareholders have postponed the RADAR unlock in December 2022, and now the tokens will unlock in June 2023. This is what that means. 

At DappRadar we are building the World’s Dapp Store, and we’re very excited about the direction we are going. Each of the team members shows commitment to the platform, and shareholders have shown conviction early on. However, we do realize that the unlocking of vested RADAR tokens can bring up some questions from our community. 

Key things to know  

  • Unlocked tokens do not immediately end up in circulation on the market
  • RADAR uses a linear unlock for vested tokens that ends in December 2025

Now, let’s dive into the frequently asked questions.

What does it mean when a RADAR token is unlocked?

When RADAR tokens unlock, intended wallet owners can claim them. When someone claims their tokens, it is up to them. Therefore, an unlocked token does not automatically end up in circulation. Whether a team member or investor claims their RADAR tokens, remains a personal or business decision.

The team and shareholders have shown long term vision over the past 5 years and will continue to do so. The success of DappRadar and achieving the vision of becoming the World’s Dapp Store remains the ultimate goal.

Will all RADAR unlock at once? 

No, we use a linear token unlock. This means that a small percentage of someone’s vested tokens unlocks daily. The linear token unlock ends in December 2025.

Will the entire DappRadar Team sell their tokens? 

This remains a personal matter, but the team showed conviction back in December 2022 when we postponed the RADAR unlock with 100% agreement from each of our team members. You can read more about that here

How much RADAR is allocated for Team & Shareholders?

Following the initial whitepaper and the RADAR distribution plans, a total of 25.25% of the total 10 billion RADAR supply goes to the team and DappRadar shareholders, vesting over 4 years. Read more here

When will vested RADAR tokens be sold? 

Over the course of the next 30 months (2.5 years) a total of 2.5 billion RADAR will unlock for team members and shareholders. Every minute, a bit of the total pool of vested tokens unlocks. Even when someone claims their tokens, it doesn’t mean they will sell. Whether investors or team members sell their tokens, remains a personal matter. 

Can team members sell any time? 

No, it is strictly forbidden for the team members to trade on material nonpublic information, or to disclose such information to other persons who could trade on it, until such information becomes public. 

Do vested RADAR tokens provide a PRO membership?

No, vested RADAR tokens do not give the intended wallet owner a PRO membership. You can only be a PRO member by staking 30,000 RADAR on the Staking page. 

Do vested RADAR tokens have a vote in DappRadar DAO?

Yes, investors and team members with vested RADAR tokens have a say in the governance of DappRadar DAO. Their vested tokens are part of the snapshot DappRadar DAO takes for each vote. 

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