Unique NFTs in Ertha Universe Sell Out in Days

Unique NFTs in Ertha’s Universe Sell Out in Days

Private Sale rouses interest in Ertha’s new P2E Game

More than 2,000 Hex unique NFT land plots sell out in ongoing Ertha private sale. Keen gamers scoop up the most desirable NFT destinations in the Ertha Universe.

Hot on the heels of the cryptocurrency market’s all-time highs, the Ertha NFT game is hitting its own records. A new P2E game launched on Binance smart chain, Ertha has made fast progress in the Metaverse. Ertha’s first private NFT sale culminated in 2,000 Hex sales, including sell-out regions in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 

Ertha is well-positioned to take advantage of rapidly growing momentum in the blockchain gaming industry. In October, the blockchain industry registered over 2  million daily UAW on average, of which 55% interacted with blockchain-based games.

Ertha is a rich and engaging MMORPG where players can earn ERTHA tokens through various means. It is still early on the product roadmap and the private NFT sale is underway. Those who invest now have the first-mover advantage, that of taking the rare opportunity to acquire valuable Hex NFT land plots at lower prices.

The Ertha virtual world and the Resource Challenge

Ertha’s quest takes place in the Erthaverse, a 3D visual representation of planet earth. However, the Erthaverse version of earth is set in the future, in the aftermath of climate change destruction and ruin. 

The earth is divided into unique plots of land, called Hex, which players can choose as an NFT when starting the game. However, there is a maximum of 350,000 NFTs. Much like in current times, some areas of the world are more desirable than others.

Oil-rich countries including Saudi Arabia and the UAE have caught investors’ attention during the private sale. To date, Saudi Arabia’s NFTs have completely sold out, while a total of 2,000 Hex NFTs have changed hands. 

Early investors are rewarded, as after the first 15,000 NFTs sell, the price of each Hex will increase by 20%. The private NFT sale is ongoing; highly desirable countries that are resource-rich, including the US, China, and Russia are in high demand. 

Play to Earn, Play to Learn

Owning a unique space of virtual real estate in the Ertha universe could generate lifetime revenue. As the game effectively simulates real-world conditions, border disputes, international conflicts, and resource capture can skyrocket the value of the in-game NFTs. Plus, through taxes, company fees and revenue streams, gamers can earn ERTHA tokens to not only earn a living in the Erthaverse, but also grow wealth in the real world. 

To prosper, players must for example strategize, strike up deals with clans and form unions with other gamers. This would then allow them to grow their country’s wealth and resources. Furthermore, these partnerships could increase their company’s strength and output. Ultimately, Ertha takes inspiration from Heroes of Might and Magic, while staying true to modern-day economic and social issues. 

If you are keen to learn more, why not drop into Ertha’s Discord, or take part in an AMA with their founders? Either way, the FOMO is real: the first in-game unions and clans have already joined forces, whereas the Hex NFTs in the Middle East have almost all been snatched up. 

Join the presale now.

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