Undeads Rush: Join the Zombie NFT Metaverse to Race and Earn

Undeads Rush_ Join the Zombie NFT Metaverse to Race and Earn
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Race, survive and climb the leaderboard in a zombie-infested world

Available now, Undeads Rush welcomes you to a thrilling mix of racing and survival in the Undeads NFT metaverse. In this game, the excitement of fast-paced racing meets the challenge of zombie-themed adventures, all within the realm of play-and-earn gaming. As players race through this engaging world, strategy and speed are essential to outmaneuver zombies and earn top spots on the leaderboards. Get ready for a heart-pumping journey and explore our guide to master Undeads Rush.


What is Undeads Rush?

Undeads Rush is a captivating play-to-earn racing game and the first fully launched title in the Undeads Metaverse. As an action-packed race adventure set in a dystopian world overrun by zombies, it’s definitely exciting and part of a promising gaming universe.

Undeads Rush Game

In this game, players engage in online races through partially destroyed terrains with the best vehicles they can find, all while exterminating as many Zombies as they can and avoiding obstacles.

Undeads Rush is the project’s first sneak peek into the upcoming AAA survival Zombie MMORPG and will allow players to earn rewards through their gaming prowess. The better your performance and leaderboard position, the greater your rewards. The game points you earn from playing from November 2023 until January 2024 will be converted into UDS tokens in February 2024.

How to get started with Undeads Rush

To embark on your Undeads Rush adventure, owning specific NFTs is essential. You can participate by holding either Undeads Metaverse NFTs or select blue-chip NFT collections. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide:

  1. Own an NFT: Ensure you possess either an Undeads Metaverse NFT (such as Zombies, Potions, or Mystery Boxes) or a blue-chip NFT from blue-chip collections like Azuki, DeGods, CloneX, Captainz, Pudgy Penguins, Milady Makers, or any of the Yuga Labs collections.
  2. Visit the Official Website: Go to the Undeads Rush official website and sign up for an account.
  3. Access the Garage: Equip your character with survival vehicles and weapons available in the Garage.
  4. Begin Your Adventure: Start navigating the game’s challenging terrains, battling zombies, and competing on the leaderboards for rewards.

Owning the right NFTs is the gateway to experiencing the full potential of Undeads Rush and its play-to-earn ecosystem. Keep reading to learn more about the Undeads universe.

The Undeads Metaverse

Undeads is an expansive virtual world and upcoming blockbuster AAA game on Immutable, set to launch in early 2025. It’s a next-generation survival MMORPG filled with play-to-earn elements and several types of playable NFT assets.

In this post-apocalyptic setting, players engage in a struggle for resources, navigating an isometric world rife with action combat – whether you’re fighting against or alongside Zombies.

The game focuses on building a Web3 gamer community, fostering a player-driven economy, and offering VR elements to enhance the immersive experience.

As players venture, trade, and develop their NFTs, they also have the opportunity to earn UDS crypto tokens, making every action within the game both strategic and potentially rewarding.

How to play and earn in Undeads Rush

In Undeads Rush, players are transported to a once-thriving world now overrun by zombies, where they must strategically employ NFTs and in-game items for survival and victory. The gameplay involves:

  • Vehicle Command: Operate a fleet of five specialized survival vehicles to navigate through zombie-infested terrains.
  • Weaponry: Utilize a formidable arsenal, including machine guns, flamethrowers, and lasers, for long-range combat.
  • Overcome Obstacles: Skillfully maneuver through obstacles and eliminate hordes of zombies.
  • Unlock Bonuses: Progress through the game to unlock bonuses, enhancing your battle capabilities.
  • Leaderboard Competition: Aim for the top spots in daily and monthly leaderboards.
Undeads Game Banner

Starting in the first half of 2024, convert your game points into UDS tokens, the in-game currency with real-world value.

Undeads NFT collections

The Undeads NFT collections are a crucial part of the Undeads Metaverse, with all collections hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, there are three main collections available: Zombies, Potions and Mystery Boxes.


This is a collection of 6,666 NFTs that represent unique Zombie characters within the game’s universe. Once humans, these ferocious Zombies got infected by the HÈL virus and now seek to decimate the human race.

Undeads Zombies NFTs DappRadar

The collection includes Zombies in different rarities, ranging from Common, Uncommon, and Rare, all the way to Epic and Legendary. Its total traded volume has surpassed 530.63 ETH (over $1.1 million). As of 16 November 2023, Zombies floor price was approximately 0.13 ETH ($263). Moreover, players can mint more Zombies NFTs from their Potions NFTs.

Zombies NFTs are integral for gameplay and can be found on major NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible and Blur. Once Undeads launched the Antidotes NFTs, players can use them to turn Zombies into Humans again.


Another collection of 6,666 NFTs, Potions are also divided by rarity from Common to Legendary and are used to mint a random NFT Zombie.

NFT Potions Undeads

On 16 November 2023, Potions NFTs had a floor price of around 0.2 ETH ($408) on secondary marketplaces, with a total traded volume exceeding 223.45 ETH ($463,210).

Mystery Boxes

As the name suggests, Mystery Boxes include five random Potions NFTs that you can use to mint Zombies. Now available on secondary marketplaces, this collection’s floor price stands at 0.44 ETH ($913) at the time of writing, which may be a great deal if you are lucky! So far, the total traded volume has exceeded 516.16 ETH ($1.07 million).

Other collections coming soon

The Undeads universe plans to expand its NFT offerings to a total of 10 collections, enriching the gameplay and investment opportunities.

Undeads Metaverse Digital Assets

Upcoming collections include:

  • Lands: Virtual real estate within the Undeads Metaverse.
  • Human NFTs: Characters opposing the zombies, offering a different perspective of gameplay.
  • Weapons and Armors: In-game assets to enhance combat capabilities.
  • Buildings: Structures that players can construct and utilize within the game.

Keep an eye on the Undeads Metaverse official Discord for updates and availability of these exciting new additions.

Undeads tokenomics

The Undeads Rush game features the UDS token, an ERC-20 token central to its game economy. UDS will facilitate various in-game activities in the Undeads Metaverse, such as breeding zombies, purchasing items from the in-game marketplace, and participating in governance decisions.

To align with legal and regulatory standards, the Undeads team has revised their token strategy, shifting supplies from private and public sales to Airdrop Seasons 1 and 2, enhancing community engagement and reward mechanisms.

From November 2023 until January 2024, the in-game points you earn from playing Undeads Rush will be converted to UDS tokens in February 2024, according to their website.

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