Undeads Games UDS Utility Token Now Available to Gamers

Undeads Games metaverse UDS token
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Launching a gaming utility token with regulatory compliance

Undeads Games launched its UDS token on 30 April 2024 in alignment with regulatory compliance and market accessibility standards. This means that the team decided to cancel all presales, which would enable them to list the utility token on regulated U.S. exchanges. 

With the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) hammering down on crypto organizations and their tokens, Undeads Games realized that they needed to ensure that their token meets the regulatory requirements. By canceling the presales they structure UDS as a utility token within their gaming ecosystem. 

UDS launched with a $0.50 price, and now aims to get listed on regulated US exchanges like Gate.io, BitGet and MEXC. The utility token serves as a digital currency and cornerstone of the Undeads ecosystem, allowing users to use it for payment options, governance voting on project developments, and participation in staking mechanisms. Moreover, this staking mechanism is a unique feature, letting gamers stake their NFT assets alongside UDS tokens to enhance their rewards through multipliers. 

Ultimately, UDS needs to enhance player engagement and platform growth. With a supply of 250 million UDS tokens, the allocation supports liquidity and ecosystem expansion (25%), team incentives and community-oriented staking rewards (20%). 

The growing ecosystem of Undeads

Undeads Games is at the forefront of the blockchain gaming evolution, and the launch of UDS will supercharge the ecosystem even further. With Undeads Rush, the first game is about to hit the Google Play Store and iOS AppStore. While the full Steam game, titled Undeads, is scheduled for release on 30 May 2024. 

Undeads Rush lets players race through half-destroyed terrain, avoiding obstacles and exterminating hordes of zombies in a variety of ways. By leveling up, players can unlock new weapons and vehicles, and earn as many game points as possible. Daily and monthly leaderboards will allow players to earn rewards and collect trophies. 

With Undeads Rush and the UDS token on the market, the Undeads metaverse is just getting started. Undeads Games is building a collection of GameFi projects, all tapping into the resurgence in demand for pop-culture post-apocalyptic zombie-themed games. The team is building the ecosystem to allow players to earn while having fun and being social with other gamers.  

The headliner for the Undeads ecosystem is the Undeads game itself. This isometric survival game focuses on a struggle for resources between humans and zombies. Players need to venture into uncharted regions, but also establish and guard their own settlements. In addition, they have to gather resources, construct and enhance their gear, engage in commerce, become skilled in trading, and develop their NFT characters.

Closing words

Bringing the UDS token to the market is a major step for Undeads, but it’s just the start. In the coming weeks the team will launch its first mobile game, while more projects are in development. As regulatory scrutiny intensifies, the team made a wise choice to scrap the presales and launch the utility token in a way that doesn’t go against regulatory requirements. Now get ready, because the zombie apocalypse is upon us!  

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