How to Play and Win: Undead Blocks

how to play and win: Undead Blocks

Waves of zombie hordes are attacking. Blockchain gaming with a familiar feel

Every gamer knows about zombie wave shoot ’em ups. Now Web3 gaming has its very own version, with Undead Blocks. Players can team up, work together and vanquish their spectral enemies. All of this classic gaming is available on top of a blockchain infrastructure, meaning players can own their items and earn tokens while killing some zombies.


On 28 February, Undead Blocks launched their daily earnings protocol. Now players can grind-and-earn for loot coffins in the free to play multiplayer mode. Genesis and Apocalypse Weapon NFT holders can earn Gold ZBUX, which is exchangeable for your choice of crypto.

Undead Blocks Genesis Weapons collection

What is Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks is a Web3 first-person zombie shooter. They’re issuing a call-to-arms across the blockchain to kill zombies and earn in-game rewards. Players of Undead Blocks can increase their daily rewards by using Weapon Loadout NFTs to kill their (un)deceased enemies.

Join the Fight!

Players can win daily rewards, participate in weekly challenges and climb up the leaderboard to earn tokens. These can be exchanged for select cryptocurrencies or used to purchase rare and limited edition in-game items and weapons.

Undead Blocks has a full storyline with character arcs and emphasizes a play-to-earn model with sustainable secondary tokenomics. It began life in late-2021, is built on the Ethereum blockchain and comes from the Wagyu Games Studio.

How to get started in the game

  1. Go to the Undead Blocks website

The main website has plenty of information about the game, and loads of links to marketplaces, staking portals and weapons options.

  1. Click on Download Beta

This will take you to the page to enter the Wagyu universe. Create an account and take the path to Undead Blocks.

The Block is Hot!
  1. Follow instructions to start playing

Once you’re in, it’s easy to get going. To start off the game, navigate to the Play option in the main menu, select Solo, choose your preferred character and weapons, and then go. At the time of writing, the only available characters for selection are Eva and Lucas, and there isn’t much to do with the arsenal or characters yet.

How to play and win Undead Blocks

As a gamer

Use a controller

Undead Blocks developed its game to be compatible with all mainstream controller logistics. The game can be downloaded to a PC or Mac and players can connect seamlessly to a Playstation or Xbox controller through Bluetooth or plug-in.

Use your favourite controller

This allows gamers who prefer handheld remote gaming to experience Undead Blocks in the way they are most comfortable. Undead Blocks provides easy step-by-step assistance to connect the controller of the player’s choice.

Furthermore, all in-game icons adjust to the controller method used. At Undead Blocks, we acknowledge that every gamer is unique, and we strive to cater to their individual preferences.

Setting preferences

Undead Blocks offers players a vast host of settings to adjust and make their experience much more comfortable. In addition to using the keyboard and mouse or their favorite controller, players can bind any action to the button on the keyboard or controller of their choice.

The audio and video settings are also customizable to the player’s preference. At Undead Blocks, players can play and earn in the way they are most comfortable.

Play and earn together

Undead Blocks promotes teams of friends coordinating and gaming together. In Squads mode, players can invite their friends to a lobby to join the same match and take down zombies together every single day.

Zombie killing on the blockchain

Moreover, in Squads mode Daily Leaderboard Challenges, groups of friends can enter the contests as a team and earn cryptocurrency together. Players can get to the top of the leaderboard and earn tokens alongside their friends.

Comms are key

Working as a team is crucial in a Zombie Apocalypse scenario rather than every person for themselves approach. Undead Blocks includes full lobby communication functionality through a connected microphone or audio input, allowing players to communicate with each other verbally and get to know each other better.

As an earner


Undead Blocks’ Gold ZBUX is an in-game currency reward and the holy grail of the ecosystem. The developers designed Gold ZBUX to serve as a stable in-game reward currency with a value of $0.10.

Players can redeem the tokens for their preferred cryptocurrency inside the Undead Blocks ecosystem. Undead Blocks will reward Armed Survivors who participate in leaderboard challenges and achievements with Gold ZBUX once the game is fully launched.

No limit withdrawals

Armed Survivors will possess full command over their Gold ZBUX, granting them the power to withdraw all their earnings from daily leaderboards and Gold Challenges. Any Gold ZBUX earned through various means can be immediately withdrawn from the Wagyu Wallet.


Undead Blocks plans to introduce rotating leaderboards that will enable thousands of players to compete and earn Gold ZBUX across multiple game modes during each tournament. The leaderboard will reward players with Gold ZBUX, and there will be no limit on withdrawals.

Save the world from the Undead

The dynamic nature of the leaderboards will enable thousands of players to earn rewards based on their ranking compared to others.

What makes the game innovative?

Undead Blocks Arms Dealer Program

Undead Blocks aims to offer Gaming Guilds and P2E investors a unique value proposition by enabling them to earn passive income through the rental of their Weapon Loadouts to scholars.

To achieve this, the Undead Blocks Arms Dealer Program allows Weapon Loadout owners to list their Loadouts on the Undead Blocks marketplace without the need for gas fees. In return for renting out their Loadouts, owners can earn both Gold and Standard ZBUX.

The Gold ZBUX earned during the rental period are split between the owner and the player, while 100% of the Standard ZBUX are credited to the Arms Dealer. The rental contracts will be tailored to meet the needs of both the Arms Dealer and the scholar, and will be initiated through activation codes.


UNDEAD is the governance token for the Undead Blocks ecosystem. The development team plans to implement a raw voting system for governance, which unlocks plenty of benefits for the community.


Holders will be able vote on important matters such as the incorporation of future Weapon Loadouts into the ecosystem, future map and game modes, and other significant decisions for the Undead Blocks universe.

The voting weight will be based on the amount of $UNDEAD held by the voters. $UNDEAD is an on-chain cryptocurrency traded on both DEX and CEX platforms.


Here’s what the Undead Blocks team completed in the final quarter of 2022. The full game launched on PC and MAC, which must count as the biggest milestone a game can reach.

Q4 2022 achievements

But 2023 and beyond looks just as exciting as what’s gone before. Wider reach, more community engagement and enhancements for the ecosystem economy appear to be the biggest objectives for the upcoming year.

2023 objectives

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