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Ulti Arena
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Ulti Arena, a Binance Smart Chain gaming platform, is aiming to revolutionize the gaming sector. By introducing a combination of play-to-earn elements and NFT trading and marketplace, Ulti Arena aims to attract artists, gamers, and developers alike. 

One of the main goals behind Ulti Arena is to allow artists and designers to monetize game-related content that is just gathering dust. With the rise of video games at the beginning of the last decade, a lot of content was produced, but never actually utilized in games. This is where the ULTI Metaverse comes into play.

The Ulti Arena platform allows artists to upload and create NFTs for both on-chain and off-chain assets. Essentially, creators have the option to start completely new pieces directly on BSC or create tokens for their old works. By allowing artists to monetize their work, create collections and introduce scarcity to their work, Ulti Arena aims to utilize creators’ efforts and bring it to new collectors. 

Imagine how many assets have been produced but never used in big games. All of these assets and designs have collectible value. Especially if we’re talking about works for games on big platforms like Nintendo, Atari, or Blizzard. The ULTI Metaverse wants to allow creators to tokenize these assets, and bring them on the blockchain in the form of NFT collections. Most importantly, artists will be able to monetize their work, even if it never made it into the actual game. 

Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace

Ulti Arena Proof-of-Gaming consensus

The gaming community is gradually starting to recognize the virtually unlimited potential blockchain technology has. Games like Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity have drastically reshaped the world of gaming and play-to-earn mechanics. Ulti Arena takes play-to-earn a step further by introducing a proof-of-gaming consensus mechanism to their BSC platform. 

Ulti Arena relies on its ULTI token to create an ecosystem of earning opportunities inside the platform. In the future, the the platform will also introduce a revamped gaming client. The client will allow players to connect to various MOBA games like DOTA2, and mine ULTI tokens while playing. This proof-of-gaming mechanic will allow gamers to enjoy their favorite games and earn ULTI tokens in the process. 

Blockchain-based gaming is becoming bigger by the minute, along with revenue and play-to-earn opportunities. Ulti Arena has clocked this, and the platform is aiming to bring in further earning opportunities for gamers. This, of course, will happen through employing the powers of blockchain technology, and the Binance Smart Chain. 

In addition to the proof-of-gaming consensus, the platform will also launch its own battleground. There, players will get the chance to evolve pets, and battle against each other. Gamers will be able to boost and update their pets with ULTI tokens and earn as they advance in the leaderboards. 

If you’re excited to join the Ulti Arena community and start reaping the benefits of play-to-earn on the blockchain stay tuned. The platform is currently running the third round of presale events for the ULTI token. Players and investors have until the 7th of August to join. 

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