TRUST Uses AI to Make Web3 Safer and Identify WAX Cloud Wallet Bots

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Enhancing security and building trust through AI-powered wallet.

Chain Champs introduces their innovative TRUST scoring system for the WAX Cloud Wallet, utilizing AI and machine learning to analyze wallet behaviors. This system provides continuous protection against bad actors, empowering dapp creators to combat fraud, scams, and other nefarious activities. 

Non-custodial wallets have revolutionized the way users interact with blockchain technology by giving them complete control over their digital assets. However, this decentralization comes with its own set of challenges. 

Without a central authority overseeing transactions, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between legitimate users, bots, and fraudulent activities. How to balance the need for improved security and decentralization? 

Recognizing this, Chain Champs has introduced the TRUST on-chain scoring system, and WAX Cloud Wallet users are among the first to enjoy the advantages of this solution.


What is TRUST, and how does it benefit WAX users?

TRUST is an AI-powered service that scores wallets based on transaction history, empowering dapp users and developers to combat malicious activities such as bots, wash trading, and token laundering. 

By integrating WAX Cloud Wallet and utilizing the waxjs library, developers gain seamless access to the scoring features, enhancing dapp security immediately. 

In addition, TRUST guarantees decentralization by leveraging a dedicated smart contract. It enables dapps on the WAX blockchain to access scoring features for both their smart contracts and web applications. And this enables another advantage, which is dynamic and regularly updated scoring, adapting to the latest transactional data. 

How TRUST works?


TRUST utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze transaction data, creating a living model that continuously evolves and adapts. Trained on over 20 million transactions daily, TRUST detects patterns of behavior that identify bad actors, such as scammers and fraudsters. 

Simultaneously, it recognizes patterns of regular users, establishing connections across both groups and flagging suspicious or trustworthy accounts, including their interactions. This powerful combination of behavior analysis and pattern recognition enhances security and trust within the blockchain ecosystem.

Empowering TRUST at every level

The TRUST scoring system comes with flexible service levels, catering to diverse user requirements. Developers can simply leverage the waxjs library and integrate with the Cloud Wallet for features like basic TRUST scores and bot identification.

For users seeking more comprehensive insights, a premium offering allows for detailed TRUST scores via APIs. This paid service provides more sophisticated benefits, which enables integrations to align with their specific project needs. 

TRUST offers Flexible and Premium plans

In the world of dapps, customization plays a pivotal role in determining their success, as each application possesses its own distinct data patterns. Regarding, TRUST offers tailored implementations of the TRUST model to cater to specific use cases. 

This option ensures that even if the premium services provided do not fully meet the project’s requirements, TRUST can be further adapted to align perfectly with the project’s optimization goals.

For example, by incorporating project-specific data such as IP addresses, account information, and other relevant factors, custom models can be built to analyze wallet behavior. 

Unlocking the power of TRUST on WAX

WAX stands out as one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the blockchain space, particularly in the realms of gaming and NFTs. A prime example of this vitality can be seen with Alien Worlds. The dapp has garnered an impressive engagement of 380,000 unique active wallets in the past 30 days. Additionally, DC’s The Dark Knight Trilogy x Funko NFT boasts a remarkable trading volume of $504,000 during the same period.

Alien worlds

At the blockchain level, there is a constant influx of over 350,000 unique active wallets actively participating in various dapps on a daily basis. 

With such a remarkable level of activity, having a robust solution like TRUST in place becomes crucial. TRUST provides comprehensive insights into wallet behavior, empowering dapp creators to elevate the user experience to new heights.

To discover the full potential of TRUST and how it can benefit your project, follow the links provided below.

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