Trending Cardano Games You Probably Missed

Trending Cardano Games You Probably Missed
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A quick overview of gaming dapps on Cardano, from virtual worlds to strategy card games

More and more game developers are adopting the fast-growing Cardano blockchain to empower their games. They aim to drive a fair and transparent player-owned economy for the billions of gamers worldwide. So what are the trending dapps and games on Cardano?


The gaming sector hosts the most fierce competition on blockchains, accounting for over 50% of the industry’s usage. On DappRadar’s Game Ranking chart, the number of dapps with more than 100,000 monthly users continues to grow as top games fight fiercely for bigger market share. For an in-depth look at the latest blockchain game market performance, read the DappRadar x BGA Game Report.

New games are popping into the gaming space, contributing use cases and new ideas for numerous decentralized networks. DappRadar tracks over 50 networks out there, and of course, we couldn’t leave out the recent hype of Cardano.

Cardano has seen a solid lineup of new games, covering a variety of categories. Which games might you have missed? Don’t worry. We have got everything covered for you.

Cornucopias’ Metaverse: 3D platformer with enhanced realism

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a massive Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, and Learn-To-Earn blockchain game. It allows players to own NFT-based assets, earn real-world value, play mini-games, and socialize with each other in an Unreal Engine-powered metaverse.

‘The Island’ consists of various themed zones, such as the Wild West, Farm Life, Age of The Samurai, and more. This spectacular 3D platformer contains all the elements for enhanced realism to give gamers the adventure of their dreams.

Additionally, creators and players will discover a new form of in-game economy that empowers players. They will be rewarded for their engagement and creations in the game. 

Check out more dapps on Cardano.

Drunken Dragon – an epic fantasy universe

With retro visual style, epic fantasy universe, and compelling lore, Drunken Dragon wants to redefine the paradigm for fantasy games. The game has an ambition that is much more than letting players collect NFT adventurers and complete quests.

It proposes novel industry standards for fantasy franchises and intellectual property management. To do so, Drunken Dragon is crafting a brand new fantasy franchise governed by the community. This open platform will invite everyone to contribute to its lore, products, merchandise, and more.

Thanks to Cardano, Drunken Dragon can have decentralized governance, community treasury management, and a free market for in-game assets. The Alpha version is already live. Moreover, you can acquire Adventurer NFTs, the in-game characters, on JPG Store. Check out the video below to learn how to get started playing Drunken Dragon.

Dracards: a strategic trading card game

Dracards is a fusion of classic trading card game (TCG) and NFT-powered play-to-earn. Also, with an epic fantasy setting, each Dracards collectible has a unique story accompanied by remarkable characters and plots. The Dracards team aims to structure an inclusive ecosystem for collectors, players, and investors. 

Notably, the game features well-designed gameplay. From booster packs to different card rarities and rhythms of the combat, it gradually engages players by letting them uncover the best strategy. 

Dracards Fire (FIRE) is the token that facilitates the Dracards Ecosystem. FIRE holders can enjoy various benefits, such as claiming rewards by staking their tokens, purchasing in-game assets, and participating in votes to decide new elements to the game. 

Pavia: a utopian future world

Pavia aims to blend the fun of gaming and social networking with the new digital ownership paradigm of Web3. 

In this immersive, community-built virtual world, users can create, play, own, and get rewarded for their engagement and contribution. This utopian future world invites the early metaverse pioneers in the Cardano ecosystem to settle, build and thrive. 

Pavia comprises 100,000 plots of NFT land and, more importantly, an innovative community. Pavia members firmly believe that the metaverse is built and owned by the people. If you echo such a manifesto, get your land from JPG Store and start contributing. 

Tracking the fast-growing Cardano ecosystem with DappRdadar

After the Vasil upgrade, Cardano has officially moved to the next stage, boasting an ecosystem with enhanced scalability and transaction throughput capacity. Currently, over 650 projects are leveraging Cardano to deliver a better experience.

Now users can catch up with the latest dapp landscape of the Cardano network using DappRadar.

If you are a developer in the Cardano community and want to showcase your great project to DappRadar’s one million users, submit a dapp to us now via the link below.

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