Transport & Businesses Have Enriched the Upland Metaverse Ecosystem

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Upland is a popular metaverse property trading game with over 600,000 monthly active users

The introduction of a new transportation system and business has completely transformed the metaverse property trading game Upland. With over 100,000 users per day, the gaming dapp on the EOS blockchain is always at the top of the charts. 

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  • Upland introduces M Motors and Metaventures (user-created shops) to enrich its metaverse ecosystem and gameplay in the coming future. 
  • Upland is the top game dapp living on the EOS blockchain.
  • The game has achieved outstanding data milestones since 2019, including 252,594 property owners and 2,883,723 properties minted. 
  • Upland also outperformed Axie Infinity in terms of recent user and transaction numbers.

A new chapter unveils for Upland metaverse

Upland made its debut on EOS in 2019, turning a Monopoly-like board game into a blockchain native one. Like all the other play-to-earn games, Upland leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs)  to grant players ownership over their in-game assets. 

Notably, Upland’s user base has grown steadily since its inception. In February 2021, the game’s single-day user number exceeded 10,000 for the first time. Since then, this figure has soared above six-digits and continues to grow. In addition, Nov 2021 welcomed the update on Upland’s player-driven economy with the introduction of Metaventures. This news pushed the game‘s user base to nearly 600,000 MAU (monthly active users) and has maintained it ever since.

As of this writing, the game has 65,204 users who played the game within the last 24 hours. Upland’s popularity is inseparable from another important project, M Motors. This project has made significant progress since March, further boosting players’ anticipation and opportunity for Upland.

M Motors

Metaverse Motors (“M Motors”) is Upland’s car brand that will be launched in the flagship showroom in Santa Clara, CA. The cars will power the massive new transportation system in Upland. Players will soon be able to leverage their portfolio of NFT cars to participate in activities like transporting goods, ridesharing, racing, and much more.


Metaventures fulfills players’ dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. In Metaventures, players can own and operate shops and design the business model as they wish. In addition, the robust economic model will allow metaverse entrepreneurs to shape a new economy and bring life to the “Earn” value of Upland’s pillars: play, earn and connect.

The younger generations might be struggling to get a dream property in real life. However, things are different in the metaverse. The virtual property boom has turned millennials into millionaires and property tycoons. 

Upland, the champion dapp living on the EOS blockchain, is a play-to-earn property trading game that mirrors real-world geolocation. Players are already paying a huge amount of wealth to be in action to snap up tracts of virtual lands, betting on the future Manhattan, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but without any physical form.

A closer look at Upland’s booming economy

Upland is one of the fastest-growing gaming dapps and ranks at the top of the EOS dapp charts. The game maps the real world with gameplay akin to Monopoly. This makes it fairly easy to understand what players need to do in Upland. However, there’s a lot more to the game than just a version of Monopoly. What’s more, Upland provides play-to-earn mechanics where players can transact using the in-game token, UPX, to mint NFTs that are fully tradable on the marketplace for both USD and UPX.

As a result, Upland’s well-designed gameplay and game economy have won the hearts of many gamers. The game has gained tremendous popularity since 2019. Let’s dive into Upland’s data performance to get a handle on how successful this game is. Upland has as many as 252,000 property owners in the game, with 2,883,723 properties minted. Apart from properties, the number of other minted NFT assets, including explorers, NFLPA Player Legits, Spirit Halloween Legits, and structure ornament NFTs, is 905,831, among which 20,077 are unique NFTs. Most importantly, this play-to-earn game has brought its players a cumulative fortune of more than $2.8 million.

In addition, Upland’s in-game assets are traded hot, reflecting that the game enjoys very high user engagement. From a data perspective, Upland’s players generated over 2.6 million transactions on the primary market, with 5,962 mints per day. The secondary market recorded more than 1.9 million sales in total, an average of 6,701 trades per day. It’s noteworthy that Upland’s property has a markup multiplier of 3.58, which means that the average Upland property sells for 3.58 times its original mint price in the secondary market.

Another strong evidence for Upland’s thriving in-game economy lies in the data performance of its native token, UPX. UPX is the primary currency in Upland and the backbone of the Upland economy. It empowers players through various utilities. For example, UPX can be used for minting properties, purchasing rare and unique NFTs in the Upland store, and powering players’ in-game activities such as sends, marketplace transactions, etc. Currently, 35,819,364,000 UPX have been purchased with an average daily transaction volume of 143,426,855 UPX.

Axie VS Upland

When we’re talking about play-to-earn games, no one will forget the pioneer P2E game, Axie Infinity. However, when comparing Axie’s recent numbers with Upland’s, we found that Upland’s outperformed Axie in some aspects. Although it might be unfair to compare Axie and Upland directly, since each game has its unique gameplay and economy, hopefully, it helps explain Upland’s gaining traction. The table below shows the difference in user and transactions numbers over the past 30 days.

As a metaverse game, virtual properties lay a solid foundation for Upland’s gameplay to evolve into a dynamic virtual world. More exciting new features are coming to Upland’s metaverse. Find out more about Upland: There’s never been a better time to join the metaverse: use this link to claim a doubled 6,000 UPX signup bonus. Join their community on Twitter or Discord. Upland also maintains a presence on Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Telegram.

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