Trading NFT Card Game Spellfire Looking To Change The Game

Trading NFT Card Game Spellfire Looking To Change The Game
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Trading Card Games

NFTs from this card game can become physical collectibles

Spellfire is an Ethereum-based play-to-earn trading card game. The platform offers an immersive storyline where players can dive into a world of magic and spells. Collecting cards and building stronger decks give fans a chance to find a place among the most powerful citizens of the Spellfire world. 

Play-to-earn mechanics are the new hit in the blockchain gaming industry. They reverse a decades-long trend of players having to pay for the games they love. Spellfire jumps on board this revolution and takes it to the next level. The game brings back the physical element of card collectible games. Combining physical cards with tokenized NFT copies allows for a new look at true ownership.

NFTs are digital assets that often represent real-world objects from art, to game-related items. Thanks to blockchain technology we could expect that everything we buy with them, will forever stay in the digital world. However, Spellfire is willing and ready to be the wind of change and combine the digital and physical worlds.

In recent months NFTs have become a hot topic that everyone is talking about. NFTs are a valuable and profitable model of digital ownership. With so many eyes on this new and promising technology, NFT value rises significantly on the word’s stock exchange market too. Global investors are now making moves to enter the NFT space. 

Spellfire introduces the unique experience of owning in-game cards in real life

Spellfire is a fantasy game that presents players with unique experiences in its custom magical world featuring lands like Bloodborn, Wet desserts, or The Holy Deadlands. Fantasy fans can dive into a world full of bewitchment that will probably remind them of favorite fantasy movies or series.

Kings and witches, good guys and evil forces, wars and treason. Spellfire will have everything that a great fantasy game should have. The digital version of the game suggests hundreds of carefully and artistically designed game cards that represent different characters within several distinctive levels.

With NFTs gaining momentum, the team behind Spellfire takes a revolutionary road and presents the ability to buy real-world physical cards for the game.

The most loyal and engaged fans and avid collectors will be able to buy game cards with custom NFTs created for them. As part of the digital ledger, and similarly to cryptocurrencies, each of these NFT cards is unique. Additionally,  they represent real-life game cards. Players could have a physical copy at home, as real as any other thing you buy with money. However, in the digital world, each card could be highly valuable and even make the holder money on its own.

Fighting evil monsters and making bank has never been so easy

If more people are engaging in the market, selling, buying, and reselling, prices go up. Consequently, NFT card owners could make a bigger profit. For example, imagine you bought a Spellfire Arcana Fire card which is interactive and upgradable.

After some time, you decide to sell it, you look at the market prices and activities and you follow the moment when prices peak the most. This is the right time to sell. Additionally, having real cards makes the whole experience a lot more immersive and almost surreal. Players don’t only own part of the virtual world, but can also see what is helping them make money in a physical form.

Spellfire allows everyone involved to become a part of the revolution, which connects the past with the future. You own a simple paper game card, but simultaneously, you are involved in a groundbreaking technological advancement. 

The blockchain gaming industry is expanding

According to a recent DappRadar and BGA Report, blockchain gaming is rapidly becoming more popular. While traditionally crypto investors turn to DeFi, a new wave of crypto enthusiasts is now taking center stage. GameFi, the combination between decentralized finance and gaming on the blockchain, is attracting more users than ever.

Only in August, more than 883,000 unique blockchain wallets interacted with a gaming smart contract on a daily average. This is an increase of 17.02% from the numbers seen in July.

Considering this rising wave of interest towards blockchain-based games, Spellfire is in a perfect position to become a new leader in the GameFi sector on Ethereum. By introducing a mix between physical and digital collectibles, the fantasy world creates an intensely immersive gaming experience.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Spellfire’s development as the official NFTs for the game should drop in less than a week. With the reveal of the Spellfire NFT marketplace, players will be one step closer to becoming true citizens of the fantasy world. 

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