TOPIA: The Metaverse Virtual World Guide

TOPIA Metaverse Virtual World Guide
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A deep dive into the unique features, gameplay, and earning potential of the TOPIA metaverse, previously known as NFT Worlds

Delving into the captivating world of TOPIA, we explore a metaverse gaming platform that sets new precedents for blockchain gaming. Created by a seasoned team of Minecraft modding pioneers, TOPIA aims to elevate the user experience through innovative gameplay, versatile NFTs, and a robust token economy.


What is TOPIA?

TOPIA is a revolutionary gaming platform and metaverse built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. It was developed by a team of seasoned Minecraft modders with the goal of pushing the boundaries of player experiences and creative expression.

Topia metaverse virtual world complete guide

It offers a free-to-play model with extensive features that encourage player expression and community collaboration. With its robust token economy and NFTs, TOPIA is more than just a gaming platform; it’s a thriving digital ecosystem.

NFT Worlds stayed in the past, now the future belongs to TOPIA

Formerly known as NFT Worlds, TOPIA has undergone a significant transformation. Following the ban on third-party blockchain technology in Minecraft, the team boldly pivoted to build an even more ambitious platform – one that rivals giants like Minecraft and Roblox while incorporating blockchain elements.

The roadmap for TOPIA outlines plans for a modernized game engine, extensive support for content creators, and a free-to-play, cross-platform experience.

Who is behind the TOPIA team?

TOPIA is the brainchild of a dedicated community of modders and developers who have been at the forefront of the Minecraft modding and third-party games ecosystem for over a decade.

This team brings their extensive experience and passion for gaming to TOPIA, aiming to create a platform that offers boundless gaming experiences.

What sets TOPIA apart from other metaverse worlds?

TOPIA, once known as NFT Worlds, is carving out its distinct path in the metaverse. Its strategic rebranding is designed to attract non-crypto users into the web3 space, aiming to onboard millions of new players into web3-enabled games.

Alongside this shift, TOPIA has unveiled the semi-permissioned TOPIA Chain to bolster security and decentralization within the ecosystem. Additionally, new tokens and innovative NFT approaches are set to enrich the platform’s economy and appeal. In essence, TOPIA is a pioneering platform geared towards mass adoption of the Web3 metaverse games.

How to prepare for your adventure in TOPIA

While the full release of TOPIA is expected in 2023, eager explorers can already prepare for their journey into this innovative metaverse. Visit the official website and register for a free account. Although the option to play is currently inactive, TOPIA can be accessed either via your desktop or web browser once it goes live.

Stay tuned to TOPIA’s announcements for the latest updates and news. We will also keep this article updated to ensure you’re ready to dive into the diverse worlds of TOPIA as soon as they become accessible.

How to play and earn in TOPIA?

The earning mechanics in TOPIA are centered around ownership and participation. By owning a TOPIA World, you can monetize players through various means such as selling in-game cosmetics collections, game-specific items, or even hosting “buy-in” tournaments.

As a player, you can participate in these activities to earn valuable in-game assets that can be traded in the TOPIA Marketplace. Remember, the more vibrant and appealing the in-game assets are, the higher the chance to earn more.

The key is to stay active and engage as much as possible with the TOPIA community. Active players and participants often have the chance to earn more TOPIA tokens and other rewards.


NFTs play a pivotal role in the TOPIA ecosystem. At the core are TOPIA Worlds, Genesis Avatars, and NFT Worlds Items.

  • TOPIA Worlds are NFTs that allow developers to create playable experiences in the Topia universe. There are limited numbers of these, which places a priority on quality rather than quantity of Worlds.
  • Genesis Avatars are unique digital characters that players can control in the game. They can be bought, sold, and traded on the TOPIA Marketplace, allowing players to show off their individuality in the game world.
  • TOPIA Items are in-game assets that can be traded, sold, or used within the virtual world. This could be anything from special equipment to unique cosmetic upgrades for your Genesis Avatar.
Genesis Avatars NFTs TOPIA


TOPIA Token is the lifeblood of the TOPIA ecosystem. This in-game currency facilitates transactions and trades among players and Worlds. It also powers the TOPIA blockchain, ensuring smooth network operations and preserving network integrity. Additionally, the TOPIA Token has staking options, rewards, and governance mechanisms that are all tied to the smooth operation of the TOPIA ecosystem.

As of May 2023, TOPIA Token is scheduled to launch, with a capped supply of 5,000,000,000 TOPIA. Upon launch, all WRLD 1.0 tokens will be eligible to be swapped through a TOPIA-provided system at a 1:1 rate. WRLD 2.0 is swappable to TOPIA as well.

Introducing the TOPIA Chain

Slated for a Q3 2023 launch, the TOPIA Chain is a semi-permissioned blockchain that forms the foundation of the TOPIA metaverse. Anyone can interact with existing smart contracts, conduct transactions, and trade game items, but deploying new contracts and systems is exclusively reserved for authorized community members and projects. This approach bolsters the security of the ecosystem, protecting it from potentially harmful smart contracts and safeguarding end-users from attacks.

The TOPIA Chain employs periodic checkpoints to both the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains, significantly enhancing the security and trustworthiness of the ecosystem by ensuring the verification and recording of data or transactions on multiple blockchains.

In terms of governance, the TOPIA Chain is community-led, with the operational configuration being maintained and updated according to the needs and desires of the community. The chain’s technical aspects also play a pivotal role in supporting its wide range of capabilities.

RPC endpoints are a crucial aspect of the TOPIA Chain, enabling developers and users to interact with the ecosystem and execute various operations. Lastly, the merger of MetaFab into the TOPIA Chain is set to bring new capabilities and strengths, enhancing the user experience and expanding TOPIA’s reach.

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