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If Rockstar Games doesn’t do it, these teams will…

Grand Theft Auto is by far the biggest entertainment product on the planet, and with GTA VI coming in 2025, rumors about crypto, NFT and Web3 integrations keep popping up. At DappRadar we believe this is a possibility, even though an unlikely one. Thankfully there are amazing teams in the blockchain gaming industry, and they are working on some very nice GTA inspired games. 

Grand Theft Auto has been a major success ever since the first game released in 1997. The series has inspired many other games, including but not limited to Saint’s Row, Watch Dogs, Sleeping Dogs and Rockstar Games’ very own Red Dead Redemption. 

Before we take a look at the Web3 games that got inspiration from the GTA powerhouse, let’s first dive into Grand Theft Auto VI itself. Because this new game in one of the most discussed game series is set to break records, again.

Grand Theft Auto VI confirmed

On 8 November, Rockstar Games posted on X that the next game in the popular action series will reveal itself early December. After the trailer leaked, Rockstar released the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI on Monday evening, 4 December 2023. The trailer shows various locations, characters and vehicles in fictive Miami, better known as Vice City.

GTA 6 rumors

Every video game news portal has been and will talk about the newest GTA game, and various rumors have already been doing the rounds. Will Grand Theft Auto VI have cryptocurrencies? Can we trade these on-chain? Can players really own a digital home? Will the game run on its own private blockchain? 

Both Rockstar Games and mother company Take-Two have been extremely silent. And with good reason, because with approximately $8 billion in revenue, Grand Theft Auto V has been one of the biggest entertainment products of all time. Rockstar Games boasts approximately 200 million users on its gaming platform. 

Recent rumors include the following:

  • Following the long life of GTA Online, Grand Theft Auto VI will have ongoing content, suggesting a dynamic and ever changing world. 
  • It’s being speculated that Rockstar Games will release episodic single-player content expansions.

The Web3 Version of Grand Theft Auto

At the moment of writing, we have no idea whether Grand Theft Auto will have any Web3 features. But, considering that GTA is Rockstar Games’ biggest franchise, they will likely not take a gamble. In short, don’t get your hopes up. But thankfully there are a couple of Web3 projects that could offer you that much needed element of player ownership, while going rampage in a virtual city. Let’s dive in… 


Helix Metaverse is the GTA Online version, where players can create servers, games, and they can enjoy all kinds of game modes

Helix, or Helix Metaverse, doesn’t rely on a story mode like GTA does, but taps into the unlimited potential showcased by GTA Online. This game world offers a gorgeous representation of New York City, renamed to Parallel City. Here players will be able to socialize, partake in multiplayer deathmatches, or play cops and robbers in good role-playing fashion. Players can own houses, create a museum, host parties, and so all kinds of social activities, while Helix Metaverse also allows users to create their own servers for more multiplayer fun. 

Wilder World 

Imagine GTA powered by blockchain technology and AI, that's Wilder World

Wilder World is a MMO game world that embraces photorealistic graphics, AI powered characters and blockchain technology. Players can participate in races, and compete in multiplayer deathmatches. The game takes place in Wiami, where players can find 9 different industries across more than 10 districts and 100+ neighborhoods. Players can own their own avatar, vehicles, and game items. The ecosystem is powered by its own token, WILD.


Grand Theft Auto coming to mobile, as a third person shooter called TTT World

In TTT you will see that the emphasis is more on competitive combat. This Web3-powered PVP shooter allows players to play as cops or criminals in a futuristic city called Free City. Here corporations, gangs and law enforcement clash for control in the metropolis, while the battle for resources adds extra fuel to the battles. Players can own and trade NFT items, such as weapons and game characters. In addition, the game uses AI technology to enhance the game experience with personalized conversations, but also to create unique character skins and ensure that gameplay remains fair by blocking cheaters.


Sinverse, a Web3 take on GTA with SIN tokens and NFTs

Sinverse doesn’t hide the fact that it’s not for the faint of heart, because this online world advertises itself as ‘the 1st R-rated metaverse’. This is a multiplayer game in which it’s all about the mafia. As a player you will need to climb the criminal ladder, and become the ultimate kingpin. Sinverse allows players to participate in a wide variety of activities. These mini games include for example package deliveries, shooting range exercises and Squid Games. The game economy is fueled by SIN tokens, while players can own digital land and build their own mansion. Sinverse will also allow third-parties to create their own games within the game world.

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