Top New Projects on DappRadar Listed in October 2023

Top New Projects on DappRadar Listed October 2023

NFTs dominate the scene with a 40% share of newly listed projects

DappRadar experienced steady growth in the decentralized application arena during October 2023, with 296 new projects approved for listing, marking a 17.9% increase from September. This growth was highlighted by the NFT category, which comprised 40.2% of the new listings. NFT collections asserted their presence for the second consecutive month, followed by the well-established DeFi and Games categories.

October projects by the numbers

October 2023 marked a significant uptick in the diversity and volume of projects listings on DappRadar. In terms of category distribution, the new listings were dominated by NFT-related applications.

A total of 119 new NFT collections and marketplaces were approved, accounting for a significant 40.2% of all listings. DeFi projects also saw a healthy influx, with 51 new DeFi dapps and exchanges making up 17.23% of the total. Meanwhile, gaming dapps, a constant in the evolving digital landscape, added 48 new titles, representing 16.22% of the month’s additions.

Projects Approved in October DappRadar

The spread of these new dapps across various blockchain platforms was equally diverse. The BNB Chain led with a significant 16.9% share of new dapps, followed closely by Polygon at 13.8%, and Ethereum with 13.6%. Additionally, WAX and Base contributed to the mix, each showcasing their growing presence in the sector.

Approved Projects per Chain

DappRadar Rankings offers a ‘newly listed’ filter option for users inclined towards hands-on exploration. By selecting this, you can easily view the dapps that have recently been added to the platform.

October projects highlights

Let’s explore some of the standout projects that made their debut on DappRadar in October 2023.

Top new gaming dapps

  • Proxcity: city-building simulation game on the Base blockchain.
  • Deadrop: upcoming free-to-play first-person vertical extraction shooter by Youtuber Dr Disrespect.
  • BR1: INFINITE: risk-based shooter and kill-to-earn on Solana.
  • Off The Grid: upcoming cyberpunk-styled Battle Royale third-person shooter.

Top new NFT collections and marketplaces

Top new DeFi dapps and exchanges

  • Aerodrome: The central trading and liquidity marketplace on Base.
  • Sologenic: Derivatives protocol on XRP Ledger tokenizing assets for blockchain trading.
  • Primex Finance: Polygon-based decentralized protocol for spot margin trading on DEXs

Calling all developers

DappRadar continues to be the go-to platform for the latest in the world of Web3, extending a warm invitation to developers who are shaping the future of decentralized applications.

With a user base of over a million visitors each month, listing your dapp on DappRadar not only provides visibility but also connects you with a vibrant community of blockchain enthusiasts and experts.

Whether your dapp is in the development phase or ready to launch, DappRadar offers the perfect platform to showcase your innovation to a global audience, free of charge.

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