Top New Dapps on DappRadar: September 2023

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Collectibles steal the show as 33% of all new dapps belong to this product category

Out of all the dapps newly listed on DappRadar in the month September, one in three belongs to the collectibles category. According to internal data from DappRadar, 33.47% of all dapps newly listed on the platform belongs to this category. This puts collectibles ahead of other prominent product categories, such as Games and DeFi.

In September DappRadar listed and approved 251 dapps, a small 5% decrease from the 265 new dapps listed back in August. However, the rise of the collectibles category is remarkable, considering that Games and DeFi at the upper hand throughout the year.

Most new dapps dropped on the Ethereum blockchain, as DappRadar new tracks 78 new dapps on that chain. BNB Chain follows with 60 new dapps. However, in September we started tracking zkSync Era, and this integration added 59 new dapps to the DappRadar ecosystem. zkSync pushed Polygon to fourth place.

Curious about which new dapps have been listed on DappRadar? You can set an Alert to receive notifications on-site, on Telegram or Discord, every time a new dapp from a certain product category gets listed.

For those who prefer manual work, we have a filter option in the DappRadar Rankings. Simply select “newly listed”, and you will get to see the dapps that have been listed.

Calling all developers

Are you a developer intricately woven into the Web3 fabric? DappRadar is eager to connect with you! Our platform provides a thorough analysis of top tokens, games, DEXs, NFTs, among other aspects, spanning 50 diverse blockchains. Garnering over a million monthly visitors, DappRadar serves as the primary source for the latest insights in Web3.

Should your dapp still be in its development phase, we extend the opportunity for a preliminary listing on our platform, providing early exposure to our engaged community. Take advantage of this prospect to present your project to an international audience of blockchain enthusiasts and maintain a competitive edge in the realm of decentralized applications.

Keep in mind, listing your dapp is free!

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