The Best NFT Games to Play Right Now

The Best NFT Games to Play Right Now
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Check out these cool NFT games and join the web3 wagon

Dive into the vibrant world of NFT gaming, a niche that’s reshaping our digital experiences. As you explore this curated list of the top 10 NFT games, you’ll discover not just entertainment, but a revolution in gaming ownership and economy. Each game is a gateway to unique virtual realms where your skills and strategies can yield real-world value. So, gear up to embark on an adventure where play meets pay.


What are NFT games?

As the name suggests, NFT games are part of the new web3 gaming industry that has NFTs at the core of its functionality. Non-fungible tokens give players ownership over in-game assets they use to play, which can also guarantee them a shareholder role in the project.

Due to their decentralized nature, in-game NFTs, regardless of which blockchain network they are on, give their holder specific rights that expand within the game universe – and also have value outside of it.

While in the traditional gaming industry players still have a certain prejudice against NFTs, this list in our article serves to exemplify the improvement in gameplay brought by NFTs in games that you can test now.

Top NFT games to play now

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or an NFT novice, here’s a list of 10 NFT games that offer a blend of fun and opportunity, with no ranking order as each game stands out for its unique features.

Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain, an action-packed RPG on BNB Chain by Boomland, also deserves a spot on our list. In this game, players become bounty hunters, tracking and capturing rare creatures that are tokenized as NFTs.

Earning the game’s native token through successful hunts and trades is part of its allure. The NFTs players collect represent their prowess and accomplishments, making every creature captured a trophy and a potential source of income.

Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages has emerged as a notable contender in the blockchain trading card game genre, carving out its popularity on Immutable X. With its desktop play, this 2022 title challenges players to strategic duels using decks of 20 NFT cards.

The aim is straightforward—control the board by outnumbering your opponent or exhausting their timer. It stands out in the crowd, outshining similar games on other blockchains with its blend of strategy and digital ownership.


The Ethereum-based battle royale and shooter GRIT entwines the lawlessness of the Wild West with blockchain’s cutting-edge technology. Players can stake their claim by acquiring Generative Characters—unique NFTs that not only allow customization but also unlock enhanced earning potential and additional cosmetic options.

The game, free on the Epic Games Store since 2023, also introduces Weapon Cards, with varying rarities that dictate their power and charge capacity.

Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns by Laguna Games is a play-to-earn game on the Polygon blockchain where players engage in breeding unicorns and farming on their NFT lands. Launched in May 2022, the game features adorable unicorn NFTs and land plot NFTs with varying rarities that players use for crafting and growing resources.

Unicorns, vital for gameplay, come with unique traits and stats relevant across all game modes, including Jousting, Team RPG, and Racing. With tokens RBW and UNIM underpinning the economy, players can fully immerse in this enchanting ecosystem.

Illuvium: Arena

Illuvium Arena is an autobattler set in a high-stakes virtual world where strategic team assembly meets intense PVP action. With its beta version launching on the Epic Games Store on 28 November 2023, players can anticipate early access to a world where they pit curated teams of Illuvials against one another.

The game boasts various modes like the relentless Survival, strategic Ascendant, and the formidable Leviathan, each testing different facets of player acumen. Illuvials, represented by NFTs, fall into five classes and affinities, with the option to combine affinities for enhanced abilities – they’re keys to mastering the Illuvium Arena.

Taking advantage of early adoption in NFT Games

In the dynamic world of NFT gaming, joining gaming communities early on and accessing special promotions and limited-time events add a layer of excitement and opportunity for players. Many NFT games collaborate with leading platforms and brands to offer exclusive rewards and unique NFTs, giving players an edge in their virtual adventures. Make sure to follow your favorite gaming dapps up close for a chance to win exclusive rewards.

Frequently asked questions about NFT gaming

What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique digital tokens on a blockchain that provide verified ownership of the virtual items they represent, like game characters or equipment.

Do you need to buy an NFT to play an NFT game?

No, not all NFT games require you to purchase NFTs. Many offer free access with optional NFTs for enhanced gameplay and benefits.

Are NFT games crypto-related?

While NFT games often utilize cryptocurrency, it’s not mandatory. Some games use NFTs without incorporating crypto transactions.

Can you play-to-earn in an NFT game?

Yes, many NFT games feature a play-to-earn model, rewarding players with digital assets like NFTs or cryptocurrency.

How do NFT games differ from traditional games?

NFT games integrate blockchain technology, enabling real ownership of in-game assets and potential financial return, unlike traditional games.

Is it safe to invest in NFT games?

Investing in NFT games carries risk, like any investment. Research game stability, developer reputation, and market trends before investing.

As we’ve navigated through the dynamic landscape of NFT games, it’s clear that the fusion of gaming with blockchain technology is not just a fleeting trend but an evolving digital ecosystem. Whether you’re a strategic thinker, a fantasy enthusiast, or someone looking for a blend of fun and financial opportunity, there’s an NFT game out there waiting for you.

And if your appetite for Web3 games is still not satiated, we invite you to explore the Top Games Ranking on DappRadar.

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