Top 10 Best DeFi Dapps with Low Trading Fees

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Here’s our roundup of the best DeFi dapps with low trading fees

Unforeseen fees and hidden costs can make exchanging and swapping cryptocurrency a more expensive venture than it seems at first glance. So we’ve created a list of the top 10 DeFi dapps with low trading fees to help you navigate your route to the best price.

As you read through the list, click on the blue buttons to explore each exchanges’ Single Dapp Page (SDP).

PancakeSwap (BSC)

PancakeSwap is one of the most well-known and certainly the most visited DeFi dapp out there. It offers 0.25% trading fees and regularly tops DappRadar’s Rankings.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) where people can exchange tokens and cryptocurrency.

Trader Joe (AVAX)

Built on Avalanche, Trader Joe calls itself a ‘one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform’. Users can trade, farm, stake, lend and launch tokens, all in the same place.

Of the 0.3% fee that users pay to trade on the Trader Joe, 0.25% goes to liquidity providers while 0.05% goes to JOE stakers. JOE is the native token of the exchange.

QuickSwap (Polygon)

QuickSwap began life in October 2020, four months after the Polygon mainnet went live. Trading fees on the platform are 0.3% and users can get potentially lucrative staking options

There is currently more than $223 million in total value locked on the QuickSwap and plenty of token pairings offering great rewards.

Katana (Ronin)

Katana is the only DEX on Ronin, the Ethereum Layer-2 built by Sky Mavis for Axie Infinity. It takes its name from the long, single-edged sword that Japanese samurai wield in combat.

Trading fees on Katana are 0.03%, making average transactions costs about $0.0001. Users on can exchange RON, WETH, AXS, SLP and USDC.

Alcor (Wax)

Alcor‘s main focus is self-listing. There are a range of fees for using Alcor, depending on the nature of the transaction. There’s a 0.3% fee for swapping, which gets divided among liquidity providers.

For over the counter (OTC) transactions, Alcor charges a 0.25% fee for both tokens, if the amount is sufficient. Alcor charges no commission for small OTC transactions. The platform also offers zero-fee NFT trading.

Raydium (Solana)

Raydium is built on the Solana blockchain and has 0.25% trading fees. It shares liquidity with the Serum decentralized exchange which gives both platforms enormous financial clout.

By combining Serum’s traditional order book mechanism and the more flexible AMM method, Raydium offers fast, secure and low-fee transactions.

ApeSwap (BSC)

ApeSwap offer 0.2% trading fees and is built on the BSC and Polygon. The platform currently incentivizes users to pool liquidity by offering huge returns with yield farming.

Take a look here at the deals currently on offer through the platform. The best rate is paid out in ApeSwap’s native token, the aptly-named BANANA.

1inch Network (multichain)

1inch Network has 0% trading fees and is not currently licensed to operate in the US. But for the rest of the world, the decentralized exchange’s zero-fee trading helps users find the best rates on the market.

The platform is a ‘decentralized exchange aggregator’ which means it searches across all platforms to finds the best price for users at that moment in time.

Sushi (multichain)

Sushi began life as the offspring of Uniswap when it forked from the latter and became its own platform. Sushi offers 0.3% trading fees across multiple blockchains.

The platform uses bridging tokens and algorithms to find optimal trade times. Combined, these methods help Sushi circumvent the higher fees that centralized exchanges often charge.

Orca (Solana)

Orca offers 0.3% trading fees and is built on the Solana blockchain. The platform has a low market cap/TVL ratio of 1.79 which shows that the platform has massive potential to grow.

The native token is ORCA is 95% off its all-time high but the exchange has maintained a steady TVL for the past three months.

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