QuickSwap Expands DeFi Footprint with Manta Pacific Launch

QuickSwap manta pacific defi

Leading DEX now available across 4 Polygon powered networks

QuickSwap has launched a fourth version of their decentralized exchange on Manta Pacific, a brand new Polygon zkEVM powered blockchain. This product launch brings liquidity to Manta Pacific, while QuickSwap benefits from the network’s roots in the Asian market. 

The launch of QuickSwap on Manta Pacific marks the fourth deployment within the Polygon ecosystem. The decentralized exchange is already active on Polygon PoS, Dogechain and Polygon zkEVM. 

QuickSwap has become a household name within the Polygon ecosystem, as the Uniswap fork was one of the first DeFi offerings on the network. One can understand its leading position simply by looking at the numbers. In the past 30 days the main QuickSwap platform attracted more than 30 thousand active wallets. These were responsible for $1.79 billion in transactional volume.  

With a total value locked of $129.8 million, QuickSwap is 31st in the DeFi Rankings, based on dapps listed on DappRadar. However, within the Polygon ecosystem, the exchange finds itself in second place, only behind lending platform Aave V3. 

With a total value locked of $129.8 million, QuickSwap is 31st in the DeFi Rankings, based on dapps listed on DappRadar.

Benefits QuickSwap users Manta Pacific

Having access to QuickSwap brings various benefits to Manta Pacific users. First of all, they can utilize the liquidity within the platform. Moreover, they can participate in community-governed economics by participating in liquidity pools, staking and yield farming. 

Moreover, as the QUICK token deploys, the Manta Pacific community gets to participate in DAO governance, shaping the future of the decentralized exchange. 

Polygon a contender in DeFi

When it comes to the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi platforms, Ethereum is still the leading platform with almost $46 billion. Measured across the dapps listed on DappRadar, we find BNB Chain in second place with $2.11 billion, and the L2 network Arbitrum in third place with $1.39 billion.

In DappRadar’s Chain Rankings Polygon follows in fifth place, right behind Solana. The Polygon PoS ecosystem has $678.38 million in TVL, and that’s not counting the TVL on Manta Pacific and Polygon zkEVM. 

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