Tokel Tokenization Platform Takes Flight

Airdrops, an NFT wallet and an Atomic DEX take the Tokel Platform to new heights

Decentralized token platform Tokel is off to a flying start in quarter four. A new NFT wallet, an 8 million TKL airdrop and a sleek new DEX delight the Tokel community while helping the development team grow.

Tokel, a platform designed to make it simple for anyone to create, hold and trade NFTs and tokens, is hitting home runs in the tokenization space. In September, it successfully completed its first initial decentralized offering (IDO), raising upwards of $800k (20 million TKL). In October, Tokel unveiled the Alpha release of its token wallet, while November hails the arrival of token creation tools.

Tokel benefits from the wave of tokenization and the NFT explosion. In Q3 2021, the NFT space generated over $10.67 billion in trading volume, a 704% increase from the previous quarter and a colossal 38,060% increase year-over-year. In DappRadar’s Q3 report, you can discover more about the market in which Tokel operates.

Tokel Token Tour

Aiming to be the best decentralized token platform on the market, Tokel is making strides into the fast-growing NFT space. Its new, super-fast NFT wallet allows users to hold and send tokens between wallets. Named the Alpha release, the wallet is the first step for the dev team towards delivering a token creation tool. The Tokel team releases a tokenDEX and NFT Marketplace in the new year; keep informed of these discussions on Discord

The Wallet builds from the success of their IDO, built on the AtomicDEX application. The Tokel IDO sold 2.695.306 TKL, or approximately $831.262 on September 15th, highlighting strong investor interest in the fast-growing platform. The group gave out roughly 17.3 million TKL to early adopters as part of a time-lock rewards plan. Finally, the group raised over $830.000 through leveraging the popular KMD (Komodo) token. 

The Komodo platform is a key partner for Tokel. The team leverages Komodo’s underlying technology, including the provision of dPoW that secures the network from 51% attacks. In collaboration with Komodo, the AtomicDEX is both a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized exchange rolled into one application.

Tokenization Future

Tokel’s vision is to encourage anyone to participate in the token economy and to render processes inexpensive and easy. That means zero gas fees, sometimes crypto enthusiasts so often complain about. Plus, small business and retail investors can understand the easy-to-use format . In fact, by making TKL the utility coin for the blockchain, and by leveraging Komodo’s underlying technology, the Tokel team hopes to make NFT swaps and tokenization seamless and affordable.  

To demonstrate their commitment to a fairer, accessible tokenized world, Tokel held an airdrop in October. The Telegram group blew up in October as 8 million TKL tokens were distributed to community members. Airdrops are a great way to gain traction and rouse interest–follow DappRadar’s airdrop hub to stay in the know.

Finally, not only is investor interest growing, but the development team is expanding. Three more developers joined the team in the past few weeks. They assist in the creation of the Tokel all-in-one decentralized application to showcase inherent blockchain features. In all, the Tokel space is rapidly growing. From token creation, coin and tokel wallet functions as well as a token DEX and NFT marketplace–there’s a lot to be excited about.

As the 2021 bull market enters the home straight, the future is very bright for the token economy. Ultimately, Tokel’s noble aspiration to make tokenization affordable and easy is undoubtedly one to watch for in 2022. 
Click here for Tokel’s Twitter, Discord and Medium.

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