Tiny Titans Releasing New NFTs on Binance Marketplace

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Commander Titans will launch on August 15th

The Tiny Titans NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain will soon expand with Commander Titans, which the developers will release on Binance NFT Marketplace. These new versions of Tiny Titans will launch on August 15th at 10:00 AM GMT.

There will be 50 new Commander Titans, exclusively on Binance NFT Marketplace. These Commander Titans will be the enemies of the 300 genesis Titans. Therefore players will face them in the upcoming PVE content. NFT owners can’t use them in competitive battles, but Commander Titans generate passive income when they are attacked by other players. Each Commander Titan has its castle, which can be enhanced with cosmetics and additional armory. This will increase the difficulty of the PVE content. 

With the introduction of Commander Titans, another feature hits the spotlight. Both Titans and Commander Titans can generate Hatchlings. NFT owners can decide how strong these characters will be, by adding TITS tokens to the process. Hatchlings can be used as playable characters, but can’t create new hatchlings themselves. 

TITS on fire

The arrival of new Tiny Titans comes at a good time. The project recently sold all its NFTs and then launched its native TITS token. These tokens are now part of the game, and players can earn them through competitive battles. The token price has increased 8 times from $0,05 to more than $0,40 at the time of writing. 

Tiny Titans is a play-to-earn game in which players need to take care of their creatures, while also using them to battle. Users can create their own NFT, and then trade it, evolve it or send it to battle. Each character in the Tiny Titan series is unique and has randomly generated characteristics.

Source: Poocoin

Tiny Titans has some momentum going, and the release of Commander Titans will open up the game to more players. The team will also add items to the game, which these Commander Titans already seem to be holding. 

Shortly, they will also add new game modes. They even consider creating more games using these NFT characters. 

Tiny Titans competition

During the coming two days, the team is organizing King’s Fall. During this event, all battles will be tracked, and players who win the most fights will receive rewards. 

  • 1st place: 0,5 BNB and 750 TITS
  • 2nd place: 0,3 BNB and 500 TITS
  • 3rd place: 0,1 BNB and 250 TITS

In addition, the player who overthrows the king (the number one on the leaderboards) before the end of the tournament, will receive 0,3 BNB and 350 TITS. The event will end roughly around 6 PM GMT on August 13th when the Binance Smart Chain blockchain produces block 10001870. 

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