This weekend’s CryptoWars tournaments are supercharged by DappRadar

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4 hours of blockchain battles starts 3pm on 6 July

When it comes to blockchain games, weekends are the time to be testing CryptoWars.

As our data shows, for the past six weeks, developer Experimental (aka e11) has been running regular competitions to test its game (and its integration of the Loom Network), as well as building community.

And this weekend, the pace is accelerating — as sponsored by DappRadar — there will be two daily 4 hour tournaments.

Both on Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July, the action will start at 3pm UTC, ending at 7pm UTC.

The top 10 players each day will be rewarded with 100 DAI ($100).

You can register at the CryptoWars’ website right now

Fight like a CryptoWarrior

As for how the game, think a menu-based version of Clash of Clans on the blockchain.

As the game is currently in testing, each competition sees you starting to build your village from scratch, using Gold and Crystal resources to construct and update the buildings you’ll require to build an army.

Of course, once your army is ready to go, it’s time to attack and plunder other players’ villages and increase your ranking on the leaderboard.

You can get an idea of how it all works in a video from an earlier competition, which lasted for 2 days, not 4 hours.

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