DappRadar Supports Theta Network as Validator Node

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29 validators now form the biggest media-oriented blockchain ecosystem

DappRadar is excited to support the Theta Network as a validator node, alongside some of the leading tech companies in and outside of Web3. As a Theta validator node, DappRadar will contribute to the decentralization of the network. 

The Theta Network validator group now consists of 29 nodes, consisting of tech and Web3 companies, as well as Theta community members and institutional investors. This includes for example Samsung, Sony, Google, Binance, and Creative Artists Agency.

Theta Network puts its focus on media and entertainment, enabling video and media platforms to utilize decentralized technology to cut CDN and storage costs. The network supports EVM smart contracts, allowing many dapps to join the network.

Theta Network consists of two core protocols: Theta Blockchain and Theta Edge Network. The former is an L1 that processes transactions and registers ownership of tokens and media assets, while the latter is a distributed network of nodes. These nodes perform the streaming, computing, and storage required by media and entertainment platforms and other enterprise clients. 

DappRadar tracks dapps and NFTs on Theta

Theta Blockchain has been integrated into DappRadar, giving visitors of the World’s Dapp Store insights into the most active dapps within the Theta Network. With NFT marketplace platforms like ThetaDrop and OpenTheta, and decentralized exchange ThetaSwap, the network offers all the necessary functionalities needed for Web3 users. 

With World Poker Tour, Pogs, American Idol and many more, the network hosts various NFT collections that each do more than $100,000 in monthly trading volume.

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