These Games on Wax Hit 1000+% User Growth in 30 Days

These Games on Wax Hit 1000+% User Growth in 30 Days
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Castles NFT, Real Magnate, and Animal World are the latest best-sellers on Wax.

Games on the Wax blockchain have seen another tremendous rise recently. Notably, some new titles have emerged on the Wax games best-seller list. Moreover, several games have even seen over 1000% user growth over the last 30 days. 


According to DappRadar’s August Industry Report, the gaming segment still holds the front-runner position in the blockchain industry, although its dominant position dropped from 57.30% to 50.51%.

Zooming in on the blockchain gaming sector, the Wax network shines in stiff competition. Several Wax games have witnessed over 1000% growth in just one month. Since NFTs power these games, they also have enormously boosted the NFT marketplaces on Wax. 

With new games springing up on Wax, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. But don’t worry! DappRadar Wax Game Ranking makes it easy to find the most popular games of the moment. Today’s article also features Wax games that have seen a spike in users within a month. 

Dive right in and see what makes them so attractive!

Castles NFTs – build wealth and glory in a medieval fantasy setting. 

Castles, developed by Metasource Games, is an NFT-powered strategy game that perfectly blends asset crafting gameplay with a medieval fantasy setting. In the game, the user’s ultimate goal is to obtain Msource tokens, important game assets that can be traded on the Alcor exchange. Apart from converting Msource into Wax on the exchange, players can also use it to craft new in-game assets and unlock new experiences in Metasource Games.

So how can users earn Msource?

Users can earn Msource passively through digital gaming assets like Castle NFT lands. But to start minting lands, players need Baron NFTs, and there are two ways to acquire them. 

The Metasource Games team does sale drops of Baron NFTs to the community every now and then. Apart from that, players can purchase them from Atomic Hub, Wax’s official NFT marketplace. 

It is worth mentioning here that NFT lands come with different levels. The higher the level, the more lucrative it will be. To upgrade your lands, just merge lands of the same level according to the game rules. 

The chart below shows the profitability for different levels of land.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. If the user’s land is upgraded all the way to Castle, they will have the opportunity to unlock a game mechanic similar to staking. This will grant players the privilege to earn Wax tokens directly. 

Castles NFT has witnessed a whopping 1759% increase in unique users over the last 30 days. Look at the single dapp page of Castle NFT right now to learn more about it. Clicking on the Open Dapp button will allow you to jump directly to the landing page of Castle NFT.

Animal World – an immersive 3D farming game

If you are a fan of farming games like Township and Blocky Farm, you will probably find Animal World appealing as well. Not only that, Animal World’s unique 3D visuals powered by Unity provide users with an immersive experience. Just exploring the farm world alone brings a lot of fun.

Unlike most play-to-earn games, which are relatively static, Animal World requires players to be more active but in an enjoyable way. Most importantly, those actions are essential in Animal World’s play-to-earn mechanics.

animal world wax games

In Animal World, players can earn passive incomes by accomplishing daily Market Orders, a list of farming tasks. These include planting trees to harvest fruits, raising animals to produce farm goods, and more. 

Animal World’s farming metaverse is more than just enjoying virtual country life. All these activities can bring many users rewards, such as AWC tokens and NFT airdrop surprises. 

Animal World is one of the fastest growing games on the Wax blockchain, with a 2,500% upsurge in 30 days. Come and experience Animal World for yourself, then you’ll be convinced by the game’s excellent production and well-designed incentive mechanism. 

Real Magnate – a mining play-to-earn for hardcore tycoon game fans

Real Magnate is a play-to-earn mining game on the WAX blockchain. The game allows users to earn resources in different mines and find the best time to trade them for profit. Notably, this game has seen dramatic user growth over the last 30 days, with an eye-opening 155660% increase in unique wallets. 

The gameplay of Real Magnate is not complicated at all. In Real Magnate, players use NFT tools to mine three types of in-game resources, OIL (RMO), GOLD (RMG), and IRON (RMI), all of which are utility tokens. 

It is important to note that each NFT tool can only mine one resource. Therefore, players need to play smartly to maximize their productivity. In addition, users can spend the tokens they have mined on upgrading their tools and thus increase their mining capacity.

wax games

Real Magnate has just been launched and has gained much traction among users. Check out this link if you also want to participate in this tycoon game and your own industrial empire.

Wax’s NFT marketplaces pick up steam due gaming boom

Those NFT marketplaces on Wax are immediate beneficiaries of the Wax gaming blast. At the time of writing, the top five NFT markets on the Wax blockchain all show positive growth. For instance, AtomicMarket has seen over 100% user growth, with over 186,000 unique users participating in transactions over the past 30 days.

If you don’t want to miss out on the ever-changing trends on the Wax blockchain, you can take advantage of checking out the DappRadar Wax Ranking. DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Wax and its ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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