These Games on the DappRadar Ranking Saw a 30-Day UAW Spike

Games saw uaw spike

P12 Arcana, Hangout, Chainmonsters, WAM, and PlayMining are the champions in terms of 30-day UAW growth

The gaming sector is one of the blockchain’s most innovative and fastest-growing areas. With DappRadar, you can easily track games on over 50 decentralized networks. Recently, some games have recorded a phenomenal increase in unique active wallets. In this article, we will get to the bottom of what’s behind these numbers.

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Esports fuels P12 Arcana user boom

There is no doubt that eSports are becoming more and more influential. Not only are more titles entering the field, but the core fan base is growing tremendously. It’s no exaggeration to say that any platform that adds an element of esports will give itself an effective boost. One such example is Project Twelve or P12 for short.

Project Twelve is a Web3 gaming platform and game creator ecosystem. It features the Editor, a full-featured Metaverse content engine for building game worlds.

In October, it partnered with BNB Chain and Quest3 to launch P12 Arcana, an eSports prediction platform to bring gamers into the Web3 space. 

During the campaign, P12 Arcana offered a total prize pool of $100,000, divided into different pools. In addition, players win prizes by making predictions on all aspects of the International, one of the world’s largest Dota2 tournaments and most significant eSports events.

p12 dappradar games

The appeal of eSports speaks for itself. 

The P12 Arcana platform witnessed a whopping 18,000% increase in unique active wallets in October, with over 234,000 transactions recorded.

Hangout: a highly engaged community is taking shape

Hangout is a 2D pixel Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It is a decentralized open world where users can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences while enjoying various social, business, and entertainment activities.

hangout on dappradar

This metaverse game with a cute graphic style and strong social attributes seem to have the same charm as Animal Crossing by Nintendo. Looking at DappRadar’s single dapp page tracking, Hangout had two user boosts in October, both from well-planned campaigns.

During the airdrop from October 12 to 14, Hangout gave away 1,200 Play Roles for free, which sent a lot of traffic to the dapp. In addition, during the week of Halloween, Hangout held Halloween Carnival to draw many users.

New game joined PlayMining, and game guilds helped spread the word

PlayMining is a gaming platform developed by Digital Entertainment Assets (DEA). It allows players to earn a cryptocurrency called DEAPcoin, or DEP for short. Furthermore, it leverages the power of NFTs to build a system that protects the rights and benefits of global creators.

Between October 17th and 21st, PlayMining underwent long-term maintenance. As seen in the chart below, users dropped to zero during this time. After the maintenance, a new game was introduced to the platform, Graffiti Racer. 

The launch of the new game quickly rejuvenated the platform. In addition, various game guilds played a substantial role in spreading the word during the game’s promotion.

For these reasons, PlayMining has seen a rapid rebound in users after the maintenance and an overall growth trend, with UAW increasing by 58%.

playmining sdp

Chainmonsters Demo went live and grabbed users’ attention immediately

Chainmonsters is a Pokemon-inspired massive multiplayer online RPG where players catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters to counter their opponents.

Chainmonsters’ gameplay centers around a new battle system, which allows users to connect with their friends and venture across the game world together.

The game officially landed on Steam, Android, and iOS multiple platforms on October 7 amid much anticipation. Notably, it drew 1700 UAWs on the opening day. 

However, as seen in the graph below, enthusiasm for the game went all the way down after its launch day. So, perhaps, Chainmonsters may need to plan some activities to keep the players engaged.

WAM: another hyper-casual gaming platform on the rise

Casual mobile games will always have a place in the dazzling gaming world. This is true, and the ever-popular Candy Crush is the best example.

WAM is a platform where people compete in tournaments to win crypto rewards in tokens and NFTs. The game saw a dramatic UAW surge by 9800% over the last 30 days, having over 7000 wallets interacting with the game.

Users can play these games on mobile phone browsers or download the WAM app. So mobile friendly may be an essential factor in the game’s rapid rise to popularity, but its generous rewards also gave it a powerful boost.

Between November 3 and 6, WAM invited players to join the platform to compete for rewards of over $2,000. The game’s soaring numbers during this period are the best proof that this campaign delivered.

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