The Walking Dead Vox Characters Will Drop on March 28th

The Walking Dead Vox Characters Will Drop on March 28th

Gala Games’ latest collaboration with AMC brings iconic characters to life in the metaverse

The Walking Dead NFT Vox characters will become part of the Gala Games ecosystem on March 28th. The gaming studio has a long-standing partnership with AMC, and the next joint project for the two companies will be The Walking Dead: Empires, a blockchain-based town-building game. In preparation for the game, Gala Games is launching 8,888 unique Vox NFTs based on characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Vox NFTs have become a centerpiece of the Gala Games ecosystem, as they bring passive income to owners. For example, Mirandus Vox characters are now part of both the upcoming Mirandus game and the Town Star farming game. In this sense, they bring utility and passive income to active players. The upcoming Vox collection will follow a similar path. Importantly, the rarer the NFT, the more rewards it will bring to its owner in-game. 

The Walking Dead Vox NFT collection will feature favorite characters from the TV series like Rick Grimes and Michonne. Importantly, all 8,888 NFTs are completely one-of-a-kind, with a set of random traits that are assigned when the Vox is minted according to its rarity and type. 

For the moment, Gala Games has not revealed the mint price for The Walking Dead Vox collectibles. However, as usual, the mint will require GALA tokens. Additionally, the official reveal for the designs will happen on April 7th. If you want to mint a TWD Vox NFT, visit the official Gala Games website on March 28th with a wallet stocked up with GALA tokens. 

Vox in The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead Vox collectibles will play a central role in the upcoming Gala Games and AMC project The Walking Dead: Empires. The game, which is under development by Ember Entertainment, will offer an immersive survival MMORPG experience to players. 

As a true metaverse project, The Walking Dead: Empires will incorporate land ownership,but also the upcoming Vox characters. Land plots will host the owner’s base camp, where Vox characters can be placed to start earning passive income rewards. Every TWD Vox will offer some kind of buff in the game, but the rarest ones come with extra unique benefits. 

For example, players who place a Daryl Dixon VOX in their base’s trophy case will give a passive benefit to all allies when fighting with crossbows. Alternatively, a Hershel Greene Vox placed on a coffee table will increase the chance to craft high efficacy medical items at the med lab.

The Walking Dead: Empires is one of the most anticipated blockchain gaming projects in the Gala ecosystem. With the launch of TWD Vox collectibles, fans are one step closer to experiencing the full capacity of the game. 

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