Mirandus Vox Dragon NFT Switched Owners for $1.48 Million

Mirandus Vox Dragon NFT Switched Owners for $1.48 Million
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Following the Mirandus Vox NFT reveal, the collection attracts high-volume sales

Mirandus Vox NFTs, the latest hit released by Gala Games, have started raking in high-volume sales several days after the official design reveal. In the past 24 hours, a Mirandus Vox Dragon NFT sold for upwards of $1.48 million, making it to the top of DappRadar Top Sales charts. 

On December 6th a total of 8,888 unique Mirandus Vox characters hit the market. These Vox characters represent the Exemplar heroes from Mirandus. Users who own both the Vox and the Exemplar from the same type are granted a boost inside Mirandus.

The Vox that recently switched owners for close to a million and a half dollars represents a Red Dragon character. Dragons are the rarest Vox NFTs in the collection, hence the exorbitant amount paid for the Red Dragon is not all that surprising. Being among the rarest in the whole collection, the NFT also represents one of the best passive income earning opportunities. Vox owners can place their NFTs on their Town Star farm, boosting the TOWN token income they can generate through gameplay every day. 

Mirandus Vox brings unprecedented utility

Gala Games’ Vox NFTs have been an important part of the gaming ecosystem on the platform, especially in the signature game Town Star. However, with the Mirandus series, Gala Games introduces an unprecedented level of utility and interoperability. 

Of course, as a game-specific collection, these Vox NFTs will be playable in the Mirandus game. Yet, Gala Games takes utility a step further, by also incorporating Mirandus NFTs into the Town Star ecosystem as well. Importantly, this allows Mirandus Vox holders to earn passive income in TOWN tokens by placing their NFT in the Town Star game. 

Last but not least, Gala Games is working on creating the Vox World. This will be a virtual world where all Vox NFTs will become playable avatars and identity characters. Vox holders will be able to play with their avatar in the metaverse and earn VOXcoin. Interestingly, they have gotten the help of Will Wright, the gaming godfather of popular series like Simcity and The Sims.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Gala Games and the Vox ecosystem. If you own Vox NFTs, you can easily check them out in DappRadar Portfolio. To learn the latest gaming and NFT news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our Discord community. Importantly, if you’ve unlocked the DappRadar PRO functionality, you’ll get access to exclusive Discord chats and discussions. 

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