The Uplift Hosts NFT Land Sale

The Uplift Hosts NFT Land Sale

NFT Lands are up for grabs in Uplift’s Gratitude World Region on November 6th

On November 6th at 12pm EDT, The Uplift Gratitude NFT land sale goes live. Exclusive Estates and Land Packs are available for players to purchase and even gain revenue from while playing the Minecraft based play-to-earn game.

One of Minecraft’s coolest metaverse games, The Uplift, will begin selling exclusive NFT land plots in Gratitude World from this Saturday at 12pm EDT. The first plots on sale are land Estates, pieces of connected land and rail that come with 2 hours of build time.  

After the Estates are live for 24 hours, various packs of land will become available to members of The Uplist. This VIP group is a community of members who are in-the-know, receiving early access and information regarding all things Uplift. 900 packs of land will be released, starting at $200.  These packs will open to the public after the early bird Uplist access. Keen Uplifters can be added to the Uplist by joining the main Discord chat, becoming a part of the community, and making friends.

Virtual Lands in the Metaverse

Virtual land NFT sales in the metaverse are growing both in popularity and value in the dapp world. In DappRadar’s July report, virtual lands among different metaverses dramatically increased in value. For example, a Sandbox land plot sold for $863.000, while several Axie lands traded above $500.000.

In June, Republic Realm closed the most expensive land sale in Decentraland history at $900.000. Plus, demand for land in the Sandbox continues to outperform all-time highs.  To date, November registered over $4.2 million in trading volume.

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are both a hive of activity and investor appeal. The returns on in-game NFTs and lands can skyrocket. The Wax blockchain, one of the more popular gaming blockchains, has seen considerable lucrative activity in the P2E gaming sector. Recently, Farmers World and R-Planet have attracted eyeballs, keystrokes and wallets. 

The World Asset Exchange (WAX) registered over 350,000 daily wallets on average in Q3, according to the DappRadar Q3 Blockchain Gaming Report. While home to the Uplift and their upcoming sale on November 6th, the Wax network also hosts the popular dapp Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds is one of the most played games in the space.

Virtual Lands

Uplift Gameplay and Story

The Uplift is a virtual world that uses Minecraft to build out its own universe. Minecraft forms the 3D digital layer, but the Uplift programming team may tweak in-game mechanics. Crucially, Uplift recently began its migration towards AWS to improve gameplay speeds and overall experience.  

To join The Uplift, players require a Wax Cloud Wallet, as Wax blockchain powers the Uplift World. Once players have synched their Minecraft account to their Wax wallet, players can build, connect with other players and begin purchasing NFTs. 

Founded on positivity and collaboration, the game has a strong altruistic sentiment. Uplift.Art, the game’s founding group, gives a significant chunk of its revenue to creators, users and up to 50% to selected charitable projects around the world.

In all, if Uplifters want a shot at getting their hands on the estate lands this weekend, then sign up to the Discord server, fast

Check out how to download a Wax Wallet for Uplift here. Don’t forget, 12pm EDT on November 6th for your chance of The Uplift glory!

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