The slow but steady maturing of TRON as a platform for dapps

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On the rise

Whatever you think about TRON and Justin Sun, its high profile CEO, something significant appears to happening.

TRON is slowly and steadily becoming a platform on which developers are launching decentralized applications, and — in turn — these are gaining active users.

In short, TRON is showing the first signs of becoming a dapp ecosystem.

Three of the best

The most obvious example of this can be seen in DappRadar’s main top 10 rankings, which ranks all the 2,312 dapps currently tracked in terms of users over the past 24 hours.

There are three EOS dapps listed (1 game, 2 gambling), two IOST dapps (both gambling) and two Ethereum dapps (both games).

TRON is only blockchain, however, with one example listed each of the main categories DappRadar tracks:

The top 10 dapps by 24 hour users (at time of writing)

Indeed, despite being a relatively new dapp TronTrade has more users than well-known Ethereum exchange IDEX, although IDEX generates more than double weekly the volume spent in terms of USD.

Similarly, it’s interesting to see that while the version of HyperDragons running on Ethereum has more users than the TRON version (just), it’s the TRON version that’s leading in terms of volume spent.

More than gambling

Of course, TRON still has a long way to go.

If we look at the top 10 dapps on TRON, there are three exchanges, one game and the rest are gambling and high-risk.

And if we look at TRON’s top 20 dapps, there are three exchanges, one game and the rest are gambling and high-risk.

So, yes, there are still a lot of gambling and high-risk dapps on TRON, but this is changing. Quality dapps are now being released on TRON and are finding a small but active and growing audience.

Something for Justin Sun to discuss with Warren Buffett perhaps?

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