The Sandbox Will Ask Land Buyers to Pass KYC Verification

The Sandbox Will Ask Land Buyers to Pass KYC Verification
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A new landowner roadmap promises numerous SAND airdrops and new buyer requirements

The Sandbox, one of the most popular virtual worlds in the metaverse, will introduce a KYC verification and sales raffle process to achieve better landowner distribution. The metaverse platform has released these plans as part of a new landowner roadmap detailing essential milestones. 


The Sandbox announces KYC and raffle land sales system

Know Your Customer or KYC verification is a tricky subject in the crypto space. Many crypto enthusiasts believe it defies the original purpose of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, big names start to rely more on KYC verification as a tool to weed out bots and malicious actors. Yuga Labs requested Otherside land buyers to go through KYC. Animoca Brands pushed KYC verification for the Crazy Defense Heroes rewards claiming process. 

The Sandbox has also announced that it will introduce KYC verification for future land sales. Here it’s important to note that Animoca Brands is the mother company of The Sandbox. It’s safe to suggest that the blockchain gaming behemoth aims to introduce KYC for more of the product in its portfolio.

The new landowner roadmap for The Sandbox states that they will distribute land through a raffle system for KYC verified participants in the sales. While, for the moment, there are no details regarding the process itself, this is a significant change to the way The Sandbox will bring in new landowners onboard. 

SAND token airdrops for landowners in 2022

Aside from changes to the sales structure, The Sandbox 2022 roadmap details numerous SAND airdrops for landowners. The platform already distributed more than 2.5 million SAND tokens in January, and May’s airdrop budget increased to 5 million SAND. 

What’s more, The Sandbox plans a celebratory SAND airdrop for the platform’s 1,000th day since launch. This airdrop will reward landowners based on the amount of time they’ve held onto their land NFTs. 

The Sandbox brings SAND staking and farming boosts

The new landowner roadmap also teases some lucrative increases in the staking and farming opportunities for SAND holders. The month of May will bring the most updates in this regard. Both the ETH and MATIC staking pools will benefit from a multiplier. However, the multiplier value has not been announced yet. 

Additionally, The Sandbox landowners will be able to benefit from two exclusive farming pools – one for CATALYST and one for GEM. These farming pools will launch in June. Another exclusive opportunity for land NFT holders will be presented in July with the launch of a 10 million SAND farming pool. 

Overall, The Sandbox is gearing up for a very busy 2022. The platform will introduce a complete overhaul of the land sales mechanics while allowing holders to benefit from numerous airdrop and farming opportunities. 

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