The Sandbox to Launch Second Play-to-Earn Alpha Season

sandbox second play to earn alpha season

Players still need NFT to enable earning mechanics

The Sandbox has announced plans for a second play-to-earn alpha season in 2022. Players will still need an Alpha Pass NFT to join the play-to-earn festivities, but the team promised to distribute a whole lot more of them.  

On Twitter studio boss Sebastien Borget teased that the Alpha Season 2 is ‘coming soon’ to The Sandbox. According to the promotional message the play-to-earn event offers more experiences and more rewards. In addition The Sandbox will distribute more Alpha Passes, while the older ones will once again be eligible to gain access.

Details and dates about the Alpha Season 2 for The Sandbox are still missing, but 2022 promises to become a big year for the gaming-infused virtual world. Aside from music artists like Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg having a presence in the game world, consultancy firm PwC Hong Kong announced their involvement as well. PwC wants to offer consultancy services to companies looking to dip their toes into the metaverse. 

The news of PwC joining The Sandbox had a positive impact on the SAND token, boosting the price 21% in the past 24 hours to $6.23. Other metaverse tokens like Decentraland’s MANA and the ATLAS and POLIS tokens for Star Atlas all experienced a boost for 14 to 15%, thanks to positive market sentiment.

Increased demand for virtual land

The Sandbox has seen incredible growth over the past months, even since Facebook branded itself into Meta. The metaverse, virtual reality and digital worlds are hot commodities, and this has been clearly visible in The Sandbox. Land that sold for $2,500 in October, now sells for 2.86 ETH or $11,547. 

We observed the same trend in other blockchain virtual worlds like Decentraland. Virtual lands in this platform gained 154% in value since October, and have been traded for $26,800 on average during December. For instance, The Fashion Street Estate in Decentraland sold for 618,000 MANA or $2.42 million. Read the full BGA Blockchain Game Report 2021 here on DappRadar.

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