The Sandbox Land Sale Increases Volume 1600%

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Sales event pushes gaming world to the top of Top NFT Collection charts

Thanks to their premium land sale The Sandbox has claimed the first spot in the Top NFT Collections on DappRadar. In the past 24 hours, the virtual world has been responsible for 1,209 sales with a total volume of $3,35 million.

Those millions that people spend on virtual land are a considerable jump up from an average day within The Sandbox. The $3,35 million in trading volume for The Sandbox came from 1209 land sales by 580 different traders. 

Source: DappRadar NFT Overview

In total 1,874 premium lands went up for sale, selling for 4683 SAND or $3,100 per land parcel. Even though the sale generated $2,6 million in one hour, not all land sold out yet. The Sandbox land sale will end in six days or when all land sold out.

In addition, the team is auctioning bigger land parcels through OpenSea. These auctions will end on Thursday.

There’s a lot of activity happening around The Sandbox in recent days. A few weeks ago they also opened their own marketplace, where content creators can sell their digital items and soon entire games. In addition, they will announce their release roadmap in an upcoming live stream on Saturday.

What is The Sandbox? 

The Sandbox can be best compared with virtual sandbox games like Minecraft and Roblox. Players can create their own world. However, in The Sandbox, the world is owned by gamers. Each piece of land is an NFT, each game character is an NFT, and each game will be an NFT. 

The Sandbox uses NFTs to give players ownership over digital items, but also over their creativity. Created items are curated by The Sandbox, and after approval, creators can mint them onto the blockchain. Users are free to design whatever they want, from futuristic designs to horror, and from cute characters to realistic ones. 

One and a half years ago The Sandbox started selling their virtual land. Since that time, the company has made all kinds of partnerships. Mainstream brands like Care Bears, The Smurfs, Shaun the Sheep, and Atari will have a place in the virtual gaming world, while many blockchain native companies joined as well. 

The SAND token is rewarded for active gameplay, while content creators can sell their designs to players in exchange for the same token. The result is a virtual gaming world in which players are empowered to contribute, participate and have fun playing and making games. Read more about the SAND token in our education section.

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