Fractionalized NFTs and 3D Characters Take On Bored Ape Yacht Club

Fractionalized NFTs and 3D Characters Take On Bored Ape Yacht Club

NFT Spotlight: 3 collections on fire, to check out every week

Bored Ape Yacht Club has been the hot topic of the NFT space since its launch earlier this year. However, new collections are attracting the attention of the NFT community. Fractionalized NFTs, 3D characters, and tribute collections are the highlight of this week’s NFT Spotlight. With the NFT space growing exponentially, collections like CreatureToadz, HeadDAO, and ASM AIFA Genesis are rising to challenge BAYC. 

In this week’s NFT Spotlight, we’ll take a look at these three collections. With a wide variety of styles and ambitious roadmaps, these three projects have the potential to challenge Bored Ape Yacht Club for the NFT throne. 

We’ll take a look at CreatureToadz, which pays tribute to two other notable NFT collections. Secondly, we’ll dive into HeadDAO, which gives holders access to fractionalized NFTs in a common treasury. Lastly, this edition of NFT Spotlight will look into ASM AIFA Genesis, a collection of 3D character NFTs infused with artificial intelligence. Find out more about each of these collections below. 

CreatureToadz – paying tribute

CreatureToadz is an Ethereum-based collection consisting of 8,888 avatar-style NFTs. Interestingly, the collection’s main focus is to create a seamless bridge between two already established NFT collections – Creature World and CrypToadz. The CreatureToadz collection was created by skirano.eth as a tribute to the NFT space.

CreatureToadz is in the unique position to benefit from the attention of the communities of two already established collections. With more than 35.000 Discord members and upwards of 15.000 Twitter followers, CreatureToadz has become a center of attention in the past couple of days. Unfortunately, the CreatureToadz Discord channel went through a hack on October 20th, which started some turbulent times for the collection. Despite that, collectors remain confident in the strength of the CreatureToadz idea and community. 

Aside from paying tribute to the two successful collections, CreatureToadz has an ambitious roadmap ahead. CreatureToadz NFT holders will become part of the upcoming community-led DAO. Being part of the DAO will allow holders to make decisions about upcoming projects and events.

Another important note to make here is about the intricate design of CreatureToadz NFTs. To make the homage successful, skirano.eth incorporated many details from both collections. While the overall shape of the avatars takes after CrypToadz, the eyes and background patterns reference Creature World NFTs. 

This is an interesting approach to creating an NFT collection. While at first NFTs made a splash for being authentic and absolutely original, we’re now seeing a shift away from uniqueness. Even so, collections like CreatureToadz carry a different type of value for collectors. These NFTs pay tribute to already established collections in a reimagined design. 

To check out some cool CreatureToadz, and to see detailed information about the collections’ performance, check out the links below. 

HeadDAO – the rise of fractionalized NFTs

HeadDAO is a collection of 10.000 unique NFTs that give their holders access to fractionalized NFTs from blue-chip collections. When HeadDAO owners stake their NFTs, they receive HEAD tokens in return. These tokens are their shares in the blue-chip NFTs stored in the DAO treasury.

The HeadDAO collection has seen some enviable attention in recent days. All 10.000 HeadDAO NFTs sold out fast, and more than 6000 of them have already been staked. This means that the collection is predominantly serving its purpose. Of course, as attention towards HeadDAO keeps growing, some owners have opted for the option to sell their NFTs on the secondary market. The floor price for a HeadDAO NFT currently sits at 0.63 ETH. 

HeadDAO is already on its way to building a solid community too. With more than 13.700 Discord members and close to 12.000 Twitter followers, HeadDAO has a lot to boast about. The Discord chat is booming with suggestions about the next blue-chip NFT to be acquired. The treasury currently holds an Art Blocks Fidenza, a CryptoPunk, and a CrypToadz NFT, among others. 

Fractionalized NFTs are only just getting started, as more people want access to expensive blue-chip collections. HeadDAO is pioneering a new type of NFT collection which not only allows collectors to hold HeadDAO NFTs, but also a piece of an expensive blue-chip collection like CryptoPunks.

DappRadar has recently introduced tracking for fractionalized NFTs, as the shared ownership of NFT collectibles becomes more popular. You can check out our fractionalized NFT rankings page. To find out more about HeadDAO or to get your hands on one of these NFTs and start earning HEAD tokens, check out the links below. 

ASM AIFA Genesis – bringing 3D and AI to NFTs

The ASM Genesis collection introduced by the Artificial Intelligence Football Association (AIFA) is a rather novel approach to NFT collectibles. These are 3D characters fused with artificial intelligence that allow owners to participate in an upcoming decentralized play-to-earn football game. There are a total of 10.000 ASM AIFA Genesis NFT boxes. Each box contains four 3D playable characters and an ASM brian, which infuses them with AI.

Interestingly, once a collector purchases an NFT box, they get to reconfigure their four characters only once. This means that players get one opportunity to create the best team out of their four characters, relying on the in-built capabilities of the ASM brain. Altered State Machine (ASM) is creating a platform to build, train and trade AI characters as NFTs. The ultimate goal for ASM is to create a whole ecosystem of AI infused characters, however, for the moment the Artificial Intelligence Football Association (AIFA) is a top priority.

The play-to-earn football game seems to have attracted quite the attention towards AIFA Genesis NFTs. The game’s official Discord channel now boasts more than 8500 members, while the gensis NFT drop sold out in hours. At the time of writing, the floor price for an AIFA Genesis NFT Box is 0.27 ETH. 

Artificial intelligence is steadily moving into the NFT space, we’ve seen that with, for example. What is more, the AIFA Genesis NFT collection takes the challenge one step further by also introducing gaming and play-to-earn mechanics. With the game in the works, ASM is on the right track to becoming a big name among NFT collectors and blockchain gamers alike. If not, they at the very least have a unique and interesting proposition.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

While the NFT space continues to grow and develop, as more innovative collections launch, Bored Ape Yacht Club remains the biggest standard setter in the space. While CryptoPunks made a splash as the first NFT collection to reach stellar prices and status, Bored Apes changed the game. With an extensive roadmap and several subsequent collections BAYC stole the spotlight, and built a massive community. 

In the past week, BAYC and CryptoPunks were in a tight race for the most expensive NFT sales in DappRadar charts. While new collections like CreatureToadz, HeadDAO and ASM AIFA Genesis have a long way to go, innovation is one of the main traits collectors in the crypto space look for. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as more disruptive projects come to light. Stay tuned for next week’s NFT Spotlight, and follow DappRadar on Twitter and Discord to learn the latest news. 

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